Tomcat with Karma by Helen Brown Review

The author Helen Brown, born in New Zealand in 1954 and now living in Melbourne, Australia, has almost unbearable hours behind. She lost her son Sam by a fatal car accident. Now a tumor was diagnosed in her right breast. How do they deal with such tragedies? Answer: She writes books. With their debut With a purchase through this link to support my offer – thank you!”

Now it stands at the center of their lives, their surviving three children are nearly grown, and she is married for the second time, with Philip, a much younger man.

Their first loss has overcome Helen with difficulty; now they want to start, to be themselves, to give yourself more time. Because, what happens every woman dreads: A breast tumor is discovered – a relentless specter and a true horror for surgical consequences threatens.

The author describes a surprisingly open, honest way what this disease makes with her. With the external an internal change is accompanied. She paints from any bloody, repulsive details, however, can take no one to fear.

Your empathy is originally female, their thoughts and feelings are understood only from woman to woman – that is achieved only through a nipple the true perfection as a recovered from peritoneal chest.

Ironically decides in this difficult phase, the oldest. daughter Lydia, 25, for the life of a Buddhist nun in a monastery in Sri Lanka. The mother can not understand: Why do , and why right now ? Specific fears for their lives the daughter they come that they might lose in a distant, crisis-ridden country forever; draw near maternal worry of having to give up the ego of their child to a different culture.

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She believes behind Lydia’s decision put the old Trotzkopf, the rebellion against the conventions of her consumerist Western society and her family. to let go of your child, just as we must all, is a long, agonizing process of developing Helen: She’s your daughter, you can trust her, she’ll not be disappointed, they will always stand by your side, it will be you probably like …

Ironically, in this doubly stressful phase brings a family newcomer Helen distraction from their illness and their concerns from the window of a pet shop you laugh the kitten Jonah contrary.: We are meant for each other. The cat turns out to be disturbed behavior Something that will be kept on a leash needs to others from harm and to protect himself from his own misfortune. . By jealousy and greed for attention driven manic, the Stubentiger marks all corners, carpets and furniture, and a pungent smell the entire house by blowing.

Before the animal fly out edgewise, Helen leaves one last experiment, a – heavy heart, but an attempt is definitely worth it: drug therapy with Prozac, the antidepressant proven.

As a disastrous creature umkrempelt everyday life of a family completely, per se is already a through ball for each author , Moreover, it is to make parallel to their personal development and that of their family for literary Helen Brown probably a kind of self-therapy, the chaotic events surrounding the mistaken hangover. Frank and free – sometimes with a mischievous glint in his eyes – she talks about her cancer, her physical injuries, the conditional performance degradation associated. Ironically, she has always thrown the large household and written also happen to be journalistic columns, now has to make concessions. But by experience how they can fully rely on their family, the time of crisis for them to one of their most valuable.

is despite the serious themes of this book is for us readers no vale of tears. The narrator is a brave woman who did not poses as a model; precisely in its normality can speak to us readers and see. However, she has a remarkable daughter with an exceptional future projects, and our participation in this development makes the book additionally attractive, it gives an exotic touch. Helen Brown “With a purchase through this link support my offer – thank you “

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