A Reflection on My Belief in Karma and the Consequences of Past Actions Based on Personal Experiences

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Imagine driving on the highway going the speed limit and you look in your rearview mir ror and see a hotshot sports car riding your bumper. He then passes you, and after a little bit you pass him on the side of the road and he’s pulled over by a cop. That is karma. Karma is basically the process of cause and effect. It is whatever you do will come back to you whether it is a good or bad.

The reason is simply because people do not think about their actions when there are do ing something wrong, even though they know there will be consequences. Karma has been a driving force in my life since I was a little kid. I believe in it. I believe that for every action or decision someone makes, there is a consequence awaiting. Whether it is good or bad, you can not escape the consequence. In my past experience I have seen many bad things happen to someone who has done someone else wrong, and eventually it came back to them and they deserved it.

For example, all my life my mom abused everyone in her life.

Whether it was her husband, siblings or kids. She was always so nasty and negative. For years I would watch her abuse and neglect me and my family. As soon as I was old enough to understand and learn what karma was, I believed right away that my mom was going to get hers. She did.

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My dad left her when I was eleven. He got re married and she was still alone. This is karma. Her abusive ways caused her to spend time alone until she learned how to treat people. When I was fourteen years old, I finally had enough of her abuse and I ran away, I ran to a neighbor for help. The police got involved and everything was forced to change. My mom got the biggest karma, and she deserved it. I was taken out of her house, she lost me. She lost her scapegoat, personal maid, and nanny. She soon was smacked in the face with reality, that whatever she does from now on will come back to her. There are also so many cases of people doing good things, and they are eventually awarded for what they have done or worked for, even if it is just something small. In my experi ence of karma, I believe that karma treated me well. I worked hard for everything I want, treated people with respect whether they deserved it or not. I put up with my mom’s words and actions and bit my tongue everyday until the day karma arrived. The big change in my life was my karma. Moving out of my parents’ house, dating the most amazing supportive boyfriend and hav ing his family have my back and treat me like a family I never had, was my good karma. I de serve this after all I have been through and I know I made it through because I believed so hard in karma.

I believe that if you are good to others surrounding you, the same treatment awaits you too. So, I believe in karma. I believe in good karma and bad karma. I believe what goes around comes around. It is a hard lesson to be learned for most, but it is the truest thing I have ever seen. Just take the time out and think about it. Have you ever wondered or said to yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” but then you realize when you think about it that you might ac tually have deserved it. People often blame both negative and positive things that happen to them on God. But I blame everything on karma. Everyone gets their karma at some point in life, some get it many times. Whether your karma is a huge difference in your life or not, it happens. I be lieve that if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you, if you do something good, you will receive something good in return. Some people believe in karma to be a supernatural being, kind of like a tooth fairy or Santa Clause. But I see it as a moral to live by. Karma is not something I believe in, just because of stories told by friends and loved ones, but because of my personal experiences.

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