Karma: A Two-Way Street

Karma “Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously suffering results,” said Saying Mayhap. I believe that Karma does exist and if you act a certain way towards others and yourself it will reflect on what’s going to happen to you in the future. I believe that all your actions have an outcome whether they are good or bad. I think that if an individual believes in Karma they think things through more carefully and have more of a responsibility to act respectful towards other people.

Karma has had a direct impact in my life. Eve seen this directly affect me in areas of hard work, respect, honesty and friendship. A hard worker is one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks and duties. I believe that my dad is a very hard worker and everything that he has done throughout his life has gotten him to where he is today.

My dad is the type of person who doesn’t give up and finishes what he starts without hesitation.

In this situation, my dad’s Karma is obvious; he works hard for what he wants, he doesn’t expect hinges to be handed to him and in return his hard work has provided a beautiful home, a cabin up north, and a secure life for our family and a future for him and my mom in their retirement. I admire his work ethic and know that everything he has earned is because of his hard work.

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As I grew up as a kid I was raised to have respect for my peers, authority, and myself. I learned that once you give respect to someone, they give you respect back.

When I was in high school there seemed to be more drama than usual. It Just so happened that this group of girls didn’t like me. They were always rude, said mean things and didn’t think before they spoke and I was often hurt by their remarks. Although I wanted to say things back to them Just so they could hurt like they were hurting me, I remembered the saying, “what goes around, comes around” and I wanted to be the bigger person and not say anything to them at all and Just let it go. I believed in Karma enough Just to keep my negative words to myself and continue to work at being kind.

I knew that one day they would feel the way that they made me feel and my hope was they would learn to respect people the way they should. Being an honest person is always the best thing to do. I was also raised to be honest about things and not lie. If I ever did anything wrong, I was told to admit my wrong doing, apologize, and move on. One day my mom had bought new coasters for our tables in the basement. She was so excited because they matched really well. I had my friend Adrian over and we were messing around and I had fell into the table and the coasters fell onto the cement and broke.

I hurried up to get the pieces to horror them in the trash, but then I thought about it and decided that lying wasn’t worth getting in trouble for because it would come back ten times worse. When I had told my mom the truth, she wasn’t mad that I had broken them and she was proud of me for telling the truth. For a teenager friendship is one of the most important things. You always want someone who is going to be reliable, honest and trustworthy. I thought I had that type AT Eternal out I was proved wrong. One clay something Log napped to me Ana I had to tell one of my best friends about it.

When I told her my secret I asked that she didn’t tell anyone and of course she agreed and said yes, so I believed her. A few weeks later the secret I had told her came right back to me from other people. I felt betrayed because I had so much trust into this person and she told people about what happened to me. I decided that I couldn’t trust her anymore so I wasn’t going to be her friend. I believe that Karma affected her because she lost a friend over something she knew she shouldn’t have done. Also because now people know that he is not very trustworthy so it will take her a long time to earn anyone’s trust.

I believe that Karma will affect everyone at some point in their lives. Although many people believe that is it the underhanded people or dishonest people that get what they want but I disagree and believe that they will get what they deserve. People who lie and cheat the system will always get caught. People, who treat others badly, will also get treated that way and people who disrespect others will inevitably be disrespected. Nothing is ever free or easy and Karma can either be your friend or your enemy.

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Karma: A Two-Way Street
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