There is Nothing More Powerful than Education

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Education is the greatest tool for a country to use, nothing is more powerful than the educated masses. The more education people receive the more advanced they become which results in more experienced workers and better-specialized workers. There are countless examples historically of great educated societies, the Greeks, Romans, and the medieval Chinese. These societies built universities, and dedicated time to learning and studying, the results are the Classical Greek philosophies, and plays, Roman Engineering and problem solving, and Chinese national tests to become a courtier.

These advancements have been studied and built upon massively over the centuries. The reason we should put a better emphasis on history in schooling is to expand upon the stuff we already know and to better prepare ourselves for the future.

The ancient Greeks are best known for their philosophies, and their plays and stories. Greek philosophies such as Sophism, Cynicism, and Platonism. Taught people how to think about the world and how to interpret information.

Depending on the school, depends on what the world means to you; for example, cynics like Diogenes of Sinope lived extremely poorly, only owning a tub in which he lived, he believed we are to be part of the world and one day we are to return to it. Greek plays show dedication to studying human emotion and portraying people in the worst situations for entertainment and so those who are dealing with problems can feel better knowing their situations could be worse. Plays like Oedipus Rex tell the tale of a king whose kingdom is not producing food, and he finds out he married his mother, who then kills herself, while he blinds himself.

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This form of playwriting is designed to help release emotions from viewers and give them a feeling of catharsis.

The later Romans were not only military geniuses, but also outstanding engineers. They built massive aqueducts, the colosseums, and the hippodromes. The aqueducts were anywhere from 130km to 50km. They were designed to bring water into the crowded cities in the Roman Empire, such as Rome, Carthage, And Constantinople. Aqueducts used gravity alone to transport water, some are still used to this day. The Colosseum refers to the one in Rome, but there were around 230 amphitheaters that had the same purpose as the Colosseum. The Colosseum of Rome covered about 6 acres of land and could seat up to 50,000 people ( the Mercedes-Benz stadium holds 71,000 to 80,00 people). The Hippodrome was the horse racing arena in Rome, but other major cities had their own such as the Beirut Hippodrome, the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and the Tyre Hippodrome. The Circus Maximus was 621m in length and 118m in width, for perspective the Bristol Motor Speedway is 858m in length of the oval. We still enjoy similar sports, but our stadiums are bigger, requiring better engineers to compensate for the larger sizes.

The Imperial examination was a test first used in the mid-Tang dynasty as a means of finding out qualified individuals for the Imperial courts. It was ruthless, examinees would be put into tiny cubicles with a water pitcher, bed, chamber pot, and food prepared by the examinee.

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