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Leadership Is More Concerned With People Than Is Management Paper

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“Leadership is more concerned with people than is management” Do you agree? Explain. It is in my opinion that leadership does show a more personal concern with people than management does. If you refer back to the table in the power point for chapter one you will see the breakdown between management and leadership. In terms of the relationship category it clearly shows for management: Focusing on objects-producing/selling goods and services. Based on position power acting as boss. Where for leadership it shows: Focusing on people-inspiring and motivating followers.

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Based on personal power, acting as coach, facilitator, servant. The definition of the two goes on further to show the different between the two in reference to the way they respond to people. According to our text leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes. Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling organizational resources.

Why do you think there is so few people who succeed at both management and leadership? Is it reasonable to believe someone can be good at both? Explain I think so few people succeed at both because many of them never learn to discover themselves to become leaders. Our text states that “Management qualities are an important foundation for new leaders because the organization first has to operate efficiently. Then leadership qualities can enhance performance. Many people take management classes and get into the workforce being the textbook manager and never learn how to be leaders. To be a leader is to have a personal understanding of yourself and to know what you stand for. I don’t believe it is unreasonable for someone to be good at both, I think it just requires time and experience. My current CEO has both qualities. He manages our company very well as far as making sure his managers are aware of our strategic goals and the direction that the credit union is headed in.

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As well as being a great leader to have personal relationship with all 200 of his employees. Whenever there is a birth or death in someone’s family he sends flowers and a card. What personal capacities should a person develop to be a good leader versus those developed to be a good manager? To be a good leader one might want to develop the following personal qualities
• Enthusiasm
• Integrity
• Courage
• Humility By tapping into these qualities one can make emotional connections with their staff and demonstrate how much of an effective leader they are.

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