Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Essay

From time past till now, man has always searched for some form of knowledge and skill. He has observed his environment, seen problems and found solution to them. This knowledge he acquired has made him to change and improve his world. People say, education is the key to success , be it formal or informal. Changing the world is never an easy job, but it all begins with that little step you take. Education comes from observation; you see a problem as an opportunity to proffer solution.

Education is that plan that will improve living.Abraham Maslow said, Self actualization is the ultimate goal that man desires , then, education is the best way to transform one s life. Discovering who you are, breaks all form of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. It gives you that hope to keep pushing on, knowing you will become a medical doctor, astronaut, lawyer, president, banker and so on. There are many problems in our world today, we as youth need to break out of our shell, move away from our comfort zone and bring out that wonderful idea, write great books, sing songs, invent devices that will be a blessing to mankind.

True education ignites one s spirit to bring a positive change. Even Nelson Mandela knew the importance of education that why he Said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world . Imagine if Mandela had no education, would he be able to change his country. In a country like ours where there are many cultural and tribal diversities, education is the connecting factor.

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Education in Nigeria is in a state of dilemma, strike by teachers and lecturers, poor facilities in our schools. This has made many youths to use their potentials for wrong purposes. ou switch on your TV and radio set, sad news is what is see and hear, youths involved in arm robbery, oil theft,terrorism,prostitution,fraud. There is always way out, we all have a parts to play, to end this consternating problems. The youths, governments, parents, religious leaders, teachers and lecturers. Parents should support the youths in their choice of career or what they love doing, the Nigerian government needs to make policies, provide funds and facilities that will revive the poor state of our education system.All teachers should be passionate in their job and keep all selfish desires away. We the youths have the biggest part to play, we should take all opportunity to learn, so as to use our potentials to create a positive change. In conclusion, education is what we all need as youths to improve on yourselves, create ideas, and boost your talents. Learn new things. Remember that your potential is for positivity and not negativity. It all in your hands. Stay positive, dream big, be creative, be original, be yourself. Use what you learn everyday as a tool to change your society, Nigeria and the world.

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