The War of the encyclopedists of G. F. Kovite and C. G. Robinson Review

What is the meaning of life? What is truth? No less questions than these are the ones with which the two friendly authors Gavin Ford Kovite and Christopher Gerald Robinson confront the same in her debut novel to over six hundred pages. Let to launch two brunette young protagonists from the same base, then disconnect abruptly and send them on ways that could not be more. But they stay connected, share their experiences and thoughts. The reader follows the developments banned – because, firstly, the events are simply impressive, on the other hand, the authors cause a mix of styles, text types and prospects acting as entertaining as informative

Halifax Corderoy and Mickey Montauk enjoy 2004 her.

carefree college life in Seattle, which is a serious concern with the rigors of reality saves them in the world. Everything is cool and hip, and who has the smartest ironic sayings on it, the admiration of all must be safe. The environment is homogeneous: about twenty, good home cooking, well secured, the left liberal, against President George W.

Bush. The wine and drugs containing parties in Halifax and Mickey’s dilapidated WG, such as Independence Day, are more like carnivals, but are very popular because the two they gloss over as artistic and philosophical events. They call themselves pompously “encyclopedists” her shack, the “Enzyklopädium”, and on a whim they set up.

“The Encyclopedists” even an entry on the still young and growing uncontrollably Wikipedia page. There they publish the findings of the partially quite foggy discussion in the circle of like-minded people.

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First comes skeptizistische statement “The scientific community agrees that in an encyclopedia the truth is about in general, if such exists at all, but this is not the case.” The young people have to so even start looking to their own truths and positions in society to find. “Something you have to start with his life yes,” she formulated as “motives of encyclopedists” on her Wikipedia page. The acts as a kind of summary of the particular state of knowledge; about a dozen times the current version will be printed in the novel as a screenshot.

But suddenly it’s over with easy, carefree life, is convened as Mickey Montauk to the military. He faces the task of the duty takes upon himself and will lead a platoon in George W. Bush’s Iraq campaign. Hal will however remain on the breezy but protected affluent side and alone start instead with the friend his university studies in Boston. He chooses the literature, a bread-free, the reality is not as immediate as Mickey’s activities linked trade, but whose intellectual demands hardly grown.

Alternating tell the authors describe how the two characters in their contrasting worlds of risk failure reality. In both it is not enough more, as usual dahinzutänzeln footed and preserve mocking distance from anything that might be uncomfortable seriously. Particularly drastic it meets Mickey when he assumes responsibility for a checkpoint in Baghdad and for the safety of a downtown area. As there rules, pragmatics, emotions, violence, bureaucracy and common sense clash, the authors describe in many individual scenes that the absurdities and cruelties of the American occupation of a foreign culture far from home illustrate. These passages develop a tremendously intense clarity, they still are based on experiences that Gavin Ford Kovite even rallied in Baghdad when he commanded an infantry platoon 2004/2005.

Mickey Montauk has to not only authority in his procure often hapless soldiers. With the locals he encounters more rejection than approval. Through proper duty and commitment to his charges, he works out recognition. But above all, the uncertain reality of everyday life makes it hard to create. What threat must be taken seriously, which the permanent intelligence reports of alleged bombings are probably more politically motivated or propaganda? Although some comrades Montauks very real and bloody lose their lives in missions in the maze of Baghdad’s streets in suicide bombings and nail bomb attacks, it is not hidden, that this war is a struggle for authority to interpret the reality of having media means – Photos, is performed

Meanwhile, sinks Halifax Corderoy, the arrogant, cool hipster, among so many intellectual elite students in the first hour of his seminar literature course in an existential crisis – videos, nocturnal radar sequences.. After he introduced himself supposedly funny in the round, the professor on a tight introductory lecture refers him – in fact a technical term bombardment – to its rightful place at the children’s table. Hal dawns that he is wasting his time here, without producing something that could move the world. When it comes to “Ulysses”, he throws the study, drives aimlessly there, reflected as it runs out of money, with blood and sperm donations and as a medical guinea pigs by, thinking even of suicide.

their “encyclopedists” page on Wikipedia remain Montauk and Corderoy in contact. What was originally designed as a playground for spleenige brainstorms, now refers to the bitter knowledge that have won the two in the few months of her life changed. Their youthful friendship is strained because Hal find it difficult to accept Mickey’s willingness to support the American campaign. His conclusion on the “encyclopedists” page: “The war in any case really is true, even if its premises are perhaps incorrectly The university is wrong, although their premises are perhaps true..”

Furthermore, is already for some time between the two friends an extravagant young woman. Mani Saheli adopt its sexy slutty as an artist, lives on air and love and barnstorming through the men’s world. Hal and Mickey both fall in love with her. However, while Hal a firm bond escapes without a trace escaped to Boston, Mickey follows a sense of responsibility and gives the destitute woman at the expense of US Army basic financial assurance by she married shortly before his war effort ( “Last minute brides”).

The tone in which Kovite and Robinson from the ” War of the Encyclopaedists < ” Gavin Ford Kovite: “War of the Encyclopaedists” at the triangle between a bloody war of terror in Iraq, thoughtless leisure behavior of the soldiers in their foreclosed Camps and the odd enraptured existence of the young elite is not only almost unbearable tension in the peaceful and luxurious home, but offers the authors also prompted some drastic satire scene ( “test it as war dead” at an anti-war demo).

The initial questions after Meaning of life and for the truth turn out – what a surprise? – in the course of the memorable war in Iraq as more complex than ever. How dangerous Saddam Hussein was now suddenly after had but for years supported him the Americans? How can one separate the evil al-Qaeda from the rest of the Islamic world? could evidence Fake News <could “and” Alternative Facts to 2004 not even dream – today they are part of everyday political life.

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