Joker's Ethos and Pathos in Engagement Speech

Topics: Appeal

The Joker is speaking to the infamous league of supervillains known as the Suicide Squad about getting engaged with his longtime lover Harley Quinn and is using the ethos and pathos types of appeals. The Joker has never joined the Suicide Squad, but his future wife is one of the leaders of the squad. Even though the members initially oppose the Joker’s engagement to Harley because they think the Joker is sociopathic and impossible for him to have a true love for Harley Quinn especially because of their destructive and manipulative nature when they are together.

The Joker will be able to win them over with his persuasiveness and also the squad’s general fear of the Joker if they do not allow him to get engaged to Harley Quinn.

For the following argument, the Joker will be using the ethos and pathos type of appeals. I fell in love with Harley from the very first moment I saw her when she was my psychiatrist at Arkum Asylum.

She quickly fell under my spell and turned to a life of crime after a few visits with her. I have a cruel, yet affectionate true love for her as she always surprises me with her insanity and her genuine desire for me because no matter what happens she will always love me more than I love her. Harley is no saint, but neither am I, we both share a common history of relationship abuse, psychopathy, and mental illness that makes us a perfect match to spend our eternity together in Hell, or at least until the Batman puts us in Arkum.

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Harley can sometimes bring out the worst in me, but she is so intelligent and will stand up to any abuse that I may cause her. Even though we are both psychopathic murderers I want to marry her and if anyone from the squad does not agree with me then your life might just end with me putting a bullet through your head.

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