The seer of the Pharaoh of Pauline Gedge Review

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Egypt at the time of Thutmose III.

The four-year Huy, son of simple peasants, Temple School in Iunu allowed to visit to learn writing and reading. His rich uncle Ker generously takes over the costs.

About his initial homesickness he quickly comes across as he meets Thutmose, son of Prince night as a trustworthy friend. For holidays and on Sundays he is hospitably received in the noble family with a mother and two daughters as a son of the house.

Huy is an intelligent boy with good comprehension.

He is appreciated by the priests and by the classmates. Except for one: Senefer, also the son of a noble family. He is jealous of Huy and bullying him whenever he finds an opportunity. Once he provoked Huy so – he scolds him a swamp dwellers -. That there is a big row and Senefer Huy fatally injured

Huy is brought to his hometown into the house of the dead. When the priests want to examine the body and prepare it for burial, Huy back to life.

During his time of “coma” he has a change “experienced”. He is the “chosen one” of the gods, who have given him gifts that enable him to greater things.

His family, the more likely believes he is possessed by demons, distances itself from him. Huy returns very soon in the Temple school back and must now, as a chosen one, study the major five books of Thoth.

Prior to this, I wrote the book very much. The plot was captivating, the mood of everyday situations athmospherically described.

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The menu enticed to try

And the unusual event – the resurrection Huys back from the dead to the living – is shown credible and convincing. No monkey business or mysticism

But then. follow eternally long sides of philosophical thought. A very complex text that I have, despite repeated reading poorly understood. Even Huy says he has “no idea of ​​understanding” and there is a “tangled mess in his mind”.

Too bad, I am unfortunately gone with a different expectation of that book up and became ultimately disappointed. ..

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