The Secret to Longevity in the Process of Creating Proteins from Mole Ribosomes

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Scientists at the University of Rochester had discovered something great in mole rats. According to the article, a scientist has been studyinmolees rRNA for some time now. They have come to the consensus that they live long lives, about 30 years, compared to many animals. A biologist at the University of Rochester discovered a process of creating proteins from the mole’s ribosomes. The two scientists that had discovered this unique reaction were Vera Gorbunova and Andrei Seluanov. They found this phenomenon by adding dye to the ribosomes underneath ultraviolet light.

They saw that the mole had three strands, rather than the two that every animal has. Andrei Seluanov, a biologist from the University of Rochester, stated, “This is important because proteins with no aberrations help the body to function more efficiently” (par.8). This extra strand helps protein synthesis, which helps repair tissues and other different cells faster without mistakes.

This article can be a door for many discoveries, we keep pursuing this area of science.

This article tells the reader that there is a special way to alter ribosomes, which can help the human race. This is only the beginning of the research for something great. For example, there are many patients out there who are suffering from muscle atrophy. This discovery can lead to the cure of many diseases, also help repair damages, and d able to live longer. I believe that this article is a prime example of a people who need to be fair-minded. My reasons are because if we put aside our own beliefs, either religious or moral, we can help many people to be healthier.

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Many people think that God made us unique and do not want to change any part of themselves. Some people think testing on animals is wrong. What if we put those aside? Imagine the discoveries we could find.

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