Lifestyle Choices as a Factor on Improving Longevity

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Life expectancy is known as “the number of years that an individual is expected to live as determined by statistics”. According to Rosling (2010), longevity has dramatically increased over the last few decades due to the industrial revolution and other factors like following a healthy lifestyle. In 1810, the life expectancy was very low and the people were not living more than 40 years, whereas today it has risen and people can live for more than 75 years which is a great difference from previous years.

People who have wealth and live in developed countries are usually healthy compared to people who are destitute and live in developing countries who are sick and this has caused the disparities in longevity between countries in the world. However, life expectancy is not only affected by social level but also by other factors. This essay will argue that lifestyle choices are the factor that mostly impacting longevity. Also, it argues how people could change their lifestyle and behaviors that can positively impact on their lifespan.

The developed countries are getting advanced in healthcare due to the high income, education level, and technology. In countries like Japan, the US, and China, people are being supported to become healthy to increase their longevity ratio. On the other hand, most developing countries like Kerala, Somali, and Sir Lanka are suffering from poverty which is a serious issue. Riley and James (2005) have demonstrated that it is too challenging to find food to eat, health care supplies, and high-quality teaching, therefore people who live in these countries are not expected to live very long.

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Because health is considered as an important effect of life expectancy, it is really important to provide a well-structured education, health centers, clean water, and healthy food although the high rate of poverty is caused by a poor ruling system and limited income (James, Riley, 2005).

Some behaviors have a direct effect to the lifespan on these factors are divided into positive and negative factors that both have an impact on the lifespan.

Positive factors are healthy nutrition and exercise and negative factors are smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Moreover, to follow the positive side that leads to health will start by following hygienic practices, taking a healthy diet, and resuming exercises to remain a healthy and active person. Because of the fact, that as long their fitness. Moreover, the living place could be also chosen whether in the city center where the pollution is high rated or in suburbs where the air is fresh and clean. Therefore, in all cases, the selection of the lifestyle is optional and is all impacting on human longevity.

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