The Rhetoric of Mozhi Movie

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According to the movie, Mozhi, the director tells the story and brings forward the narrative of the story. The film is made based on the director’s point of view. His credibility towards the movie is the portrayal of a muted-deaf girl leading her life with lots of courage, and boldness.

The story is all about the protagonist, her life, her world of silence and her relationship with other people in the society. The story leads to the relationship of two opposite characters in reality and nature.

Jyothika playing the role of muted-deaf girl gives a major impact towards the story. Characterization of each character with their roles, behavior, body language, and way of talking, attitude completely gave a significant look towards the movie. The film doesn’t seem to have much action, war, blood anything of that sort, but is filled with lots of emotions and feelings which are showcased in a relevant manner. The other two supportive roles played in the movie by Bhaskar (Gnanaprakasam) and Brahmanandam (Ananthakrishnan) reached a great response towards the audience because of the humor element played by their roles.

The director portrayed each character to their fullest by bringing in these amazing actors in the film

According to the audience’s perspective, Mozhi is a simple, elegant film with deep emotions in it. Frame of mind of the audience is to accept the challenged person or the character in a lead role. Usually films cast best characters/roles for the lead person who is the reason for the story.

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This movie, the director tried to break that element and created an effect on audience to believe that even an organ challenged role can be put forth as the lead character. The movie conveys that to how to lead a life with dignity and how to overcome our negatives, mistakes. The film aims the connection between the two opposite characters developing interest towards a deaf girl who can’t listen to his music. This emotional factor had a great response in the film.

The movie has certain elements and situations where those emotions create a great appeal to the audience indirectly portrays the difference between silence and sound by showing the re-recording of a film without music and with music. The director used symbolism to show the difference and created an impact towards the audience about the story/plot of the film. The director used semiotics in many places in the film where the male lead gifts a pendant clock with music to the disabled girl. Logically speaking, the scene has no logic but according to filmic emotions, it is plausible. As the movie forwards, the audience automatically understands the nuances of sign language. Music in the film creates a very big impact as the story itself is based on music. The story is in a chronological arrangement and the movie lead in a narrative form.

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