“The Reversal of the Love” of Maria Paola Colombo

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Walker Texas Ranger is in love. The pretty girl he recently met at the beach. First they played a bit in the sand, they even gave him a kiss on the cheek. Since he has decided to marry her. That is why he is now in its complete uniform ready to drive back to the sea and to impress his girlfriend.

Several circumstances are contrary to his intentions, however. First, the roaring heat; for his Texas Rangers outfit is unsuitable. Second: The girl is almost six and nine years old Walker is not much older.

Third, Walker is not his real name; Tommaso Franciosco he is, and he does not live in Texas, but in the Puglia Ostuni of southeast Italy. “Walker” he called after his favorite star from the TV series “Texas Rangers”. And fourth. He has come into this world with the genetic defect of Down syndrome, which is now a little more difficult for him than for the other

Well, his extended family that reliably around him cares.

Because Walker is not only smart, but also has his own head. Mamas against resistance he puts his clothes and waits in the whole day in the blazing sun on the girlfriend. But that does not appear. After the kissing scene the day before her mother had torn away in horror.

At the same time growing in climatically and mentally cooler northern Italy a girl, which is plagued by worries of a different kind, however, largely be is left to itself.

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Christiana Rivetti is eight and also has a nickname: “Cica”. Playing on the scars ( “cicatrici”) to on her back, which she has been wearing her mother’s death.

What happened then, has always been a taboo subject; her father, an engineer, has never spoken to her about it. She remembers that there is always a bad way her mother that she locked herself in her room, lots of crying and did not make the simplest chores. After a marriage conflict she grabbed her daughter, ran and ran with it, and in the end they both jumped into a river. Somehow Cica came back to the surface, but the traces of the fingernails of her mother, who seemed to let go of their child never decided, had indelibly etched as tattoos. but are still deep scars left by those death in Cicas soul.

Now, engineering Rivetti sent his daughter to a summer camp on the coast. But Cica feels deported there and lonely. With their panic fear of water, they do not want into the sea, and even the common showers bypassing secretly, despite the strict regiment of nuns. Cica impressed only the miracle water from Lourdes, for that, so one of the nurses had told, dead fish can bring back to life in their aquarium. Could lead to their poor Mama Cica so maybe a miracle?

Ten years later, the two plot threads come together in the south. Engineering Rivetti is now drawn to his hometown Ostuni retired and Cica. At school the very talented girl is soon discredited as a nerd. One of her classmates is Antonio, Walker’s brother. The braggart and busybodies (nicknamed “Geco”) is engaged in the school assembly, but his come-Cica gets on my nerves.

Walker has been in love again. Every day he writes his beloved with extreme tension letter by letter: “You are beautiful.” He also makes his job search, ask in a bar and a hairdresser. But everywhere he receives specious refusals. But Walker himself does not feel this affront – on the contrary. He consoles himself with the fact that also find other no job in these times of economic misery.

The author Maria Paola Colombo designed in a sensitive way two exceptional characters that due are struggling at different levels with themselves and their environment to their disability or their trauma. Cica has indeed reflect the mind, but can the events of her childhood not overcome because they have remained only diffusely stick in their imagination. Their sealed father rejects more and more. As if she had love, care and explanation most needed, he leaves them himself. He goes to work, forbids her to leave the apartment.

Between his regular check-calls she does secretly in search of mother’s grave in the town cemetery. Signora Carmelina, an old lonely neighbor, observed the strange father-daughter relationship accurately and even offers to help. While the father rejects this rugged, opens Cica timid old lady, and feel the emotional distress of the little ones, their longing for a warming, maternal love. The two become friends and allies, because Cica has other secrets that would never tolerate her father.

On the other hand, lives Walker Texas Ranger, in the protective cocoon of his family. What Cica is a lack of parental love, he receives in excess, because jealous envy him his two siblings. Sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously Walker from his sheltered world is trying to be moved out. He seems like a clumsy bear who can never really let off the chain. In the middle of puberty sticking, he is fascinated by what is being offered to him at night on TV, listen to the woman on the screen and selects the rehearsed telephone number. Soon the parents wonder about the unusually high bills. When he gets caught, he promises meekly obey. Hilarious situations like these unblock the discourse that is so determined a total of serious issues.

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“The Reversal of the Love” of Maria Paola Colombo
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