Eighteen by Maria Banns Poem Analysis

Eighteen by Maria Banns: Expresses Emotions of Becoming an Adult BY soggy Reading the poem Eighteen by Maria Banns, made me feel kind of sad. This person Is expressing her feelings about finally turning eighteen and becoming an adult. She also expresses how emotional being a teenager can be. Everyone always says that the teenage years are the most enjoyable. They say that It’s the best time to live your life to the fullest before it ends, but really, your teenage years are only a small fraction of your life.

Only Eighteen

Most people could agree with me that during your teenage years, most people are more or less confused, stressed out, angry and just generally unhappy which is what this poem reflects. Even though this poem is somewhat depressing, it is slightly Joyful in a sense because this young woman has finally gotten through her teenage years and is now an adult. She is excited to be able to do adult things and live out her life without being held back by rules or parents.

This poem was actually an enjoyable poem for me to read.

I’m onto huge fan of poetry, and most of the time otter confuses me so much that I have to put whatever I am reading down. L) “My mind charges the world like a bull. ” By charges, she means rushed. Her mind Is going Into everything that Is happening around her. Ii) The metaphor means that she has such a passion for life that she wants to drink it, but because she is only eighteen, she is unable to embrace life.

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She is still young enough to be scared, burnt by even the edges of life. While she wants to Jump right in, where she is only eighteen, she is unable to do so.

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Eighteen by Maria Banns Poem Analysis
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