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Maria Milena Stravinsky Paper

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Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky was born on June 17th. 1882 in Oranienbaum. Russia. He was one of four to his Polish parents. Anna nee Kholodovsky and Fyodor Stravinsky. Igor Stravinsky’s foremost exposer to music was from his male parent. who was a bass vocalist at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. His male parent helped him larn the love of music. His first musical instruction began at the age of nine with piano lessons. analyzing music theory. and trying composing. By 15. he had mastered Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto in G Minor and finished a piano decrease of a twine four by Glazunov. That same twelvemonth. Stravinsky rebelled against the Russian Orthodox Church and abandoned it. Even though he excelled in music. his parents still wanted him to go a attorney. In 1901. Stravinsky enrolls at the University of Saint Petersburg ; nevertheless he ne’er attends many of his categories during the four old ages of school. When it came clip to take concluding scrutinies in 1905. the school was closed for two months because of Bloody Sunday. He so subsequently received a half class sheepskin in April 1906.

In 1902. Stravinsky began having private lessons from Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov. the taking Russian composer at that clip. That really same twelvemonth Stravinsky’s male parent dies from malignant neoplastic disease. In 1905 Igor Stravinsky proposes to his first cousin Catherin Nossenko. Even though the Orthodox Church opposes matrimony of first cousins. they got married on January 23rd. 1906. The same of his matrimony. Stravinsky’s creates foremost of import composing Symphony in E Flat. The undermentioned twelvemonth they have their first kid Theodore and so the following twelvemonth they have their 2nd kid Ludmila. The same twelvemonth as Ludmila’s birth. Rimsky. Stravinsky’s male parent like figure. dies. In 1909. Stravinsky’s composings. Scherzo fatastique and Feu d’artifice ( Fireworks ) where performed at a concert in St. Petersburg. In that really audience Serge Diaghilev. laminitis of the Ballets Russes. was highly impressed.

Igor Stravinsky Parents

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He was so impressed that he chooses Stravinsky to transport out orchestrations and to compose a full length concert dance. The Firebird. In 1910 Stravinsky travels Paris for the Prime Minister of The Firebird. At this public presentation he meets Claude Debussy. Maurice Ravel. and many other of import instrumentalists. Towards the terminal of the concert dance season. his household moves to Switzerland with him and. Catherine anticipating her 3rd kid. In Lausanne. Switzerland in September 1910. Sviatoslav Soulima their 3rd boy was born. In 1911. Stravinsky completes another successful concert dance. Petrushka. Three old ages subsequently. Stravinsky composes the two portion concert dance Le Sacre du Primtemps ( The Rite of Spring ) . This concert dance marked the coming of modernism in music and was met with amazement and ill will. The public violence that followed was the most ill-famed event in music history.

Right after the public presentation. he developed typhoid febrility. which took six hebdomads to retrieve from. Around the same clip. Catherina and Ludmila were found to hold TB. A twelvemonth subsequently Ludmila did and after giving birth to their 4th kid Maria Milena. Catherina besides died. Three months after that his female parent died besides. After all these deceases in his life. Stravinsky besides diagnosed with TB. He spent five months retrieving with his newest girl Milena ; she took six old ages to retrieve. Stravinsky met Vera de Bosset in Paris in February 1921. his new married woman to be. At the clip when they foremost met Vera was still married to the painter and phase interior decorator Serge Sudeikin. They began an matter which led Vera to go forth her hubby. During his last old ages in Paris. Stravinsky made professional connexions with people in the U. S.

Maria Milena Stravinsky

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