The Relevance of Social Media Marketing Today

Technology has continued to shape the way humans live and interact with each other. The social media technology is having a significant impact on the way people coexist and socialize. As a matter of fact, social media continues to facilitate the creation as well as sharing of the ideas and information throughout the world. It is now part of the daily lives of billions of individuals.

Khan and Jan describe social media as websites that are created upon the web 2.0 technological foundations and help the users create and share contents.

Among these websites include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Baidu Tieba, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, and Tumblr. Social media is increasingly having a substantial impact in the world. The contemporary organizations continue to make use of the social networking sites to share the information about their services and products with a large base of the consumers. The paper focuses on the significance of social media marketing.

Social media marketing can primarily be described as a type of marketing in which individuals and organizations generate as well as share contents on the social networking websites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, among others so as to attain their branding as well as marketing goals.

Among these goals include increasing brand awareness, raising website traffic, and generating a positive brand association.

Social media provides businesses with a marketing opportunity, which connects them directly with the customers and surpasses the traditional middlemen (Neti 1). With the advent of social media, most of the companies today do not rely much on the traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines to reach their current and potential customers.

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Khan and Jan (14) insist that almost every business in the present day is adopting social media marketing to reach their customers on the virtual networks.

The social media marketing five dimensions as highlighted by Khan and Jan (14-15) include the online communities, sharing of content, interaction, credibility, and accessibility. The individuals and businesses take advantage of social networking websites to connect with the online communities, which consist of the different users. Businesses and individuals also share the information about the services and products that they provide and interact with a large number of the users of the social networking websites.

Credibility is all about the conveying the message clearly to the individuals, motivating the buyers, creating loyal consumers, emotional connection with the target audience, and establishing trustworthiness (Khan and Jan 15). The accessibility of social media to the people from all walks of life provides the companies with the opportunity to raise their customer base. All the five dimensions are necessary for the individuals and companies to attain their marketing goals.

The importance of social media in the world cannot be underrated. As a matter of fact, both businesses and individuals in different parts of the world benefit significantly from the social media. Companies gain important customer insights through social media. Various social networking sites help corporations amass a variety of pertinent information such as the information about the consumers’ preferences and tastes and the way various individuals feel about the services and products that they offer. With this information, organizational leaders make enhanced business decisions.

Social media also helps businesses increase their search ranking as well as website traffic. An increasing number of the users of the social networking websites share with their friends and families the contents that the companies put on their social media pages. Notably, companies put attractive posts on their social networking sites to attract a large number of users/followers. As a result, this facilitates the increase in their search ranking. Besides, social media plays a significant role in helping the businesses direct more and more users to their websites. It is vital to point out that several businesses operate official websites that they link to their social media pages. The increase in website traffic helps companies increase their sales.

Additionally, social media marketing helps companies provide their customers with better services. Most of the contemporary businesses operate social media pages that exclusively deal with customer services. They use these pages to respond to the customer queries in a timely manner. In fact, different social networking sites help companies respond faster to various customers who experience similar problems. The company’s’ support staffs that use the social media are always available to help the customers. It is essential to emphasize that the companies that engage in the social customer service stand a better chance to generate more revenue and profits than those that do not use the social media to serve their customers.

Social media also helps the companies/employers advertise the available job positions and the individuals searching for jobs become aware of the job openings. A large number of the employers/companies use the social networking websites in their hiring process. Apart from helping the companies recruiting advertise the available job positions, the social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook allow them to get a preview of who the job applicants are outside the confines of the interviews, cover letters, or resumes. Besides, social media plays an important role in helping the individuals looking for jobs connect with the employers as well as their former coworkers. These job seekers also use the social networking sites to search for jobs and show their professionalism through allowing them to create professional profiles.

Moreover, social media helps companies increase brand awareness as well as customer loyalty. Different companies continue to use the social networking websites to connect with both their current customers and potential customers. These companies use the social media to present their brands and interact with their existing and potential customers. It is crucial to stress that an increasing number of businesses use various social networking sites to increase the discernibility of their brands exponentially. As a result, this helps them raise the awareness about their brands among the customers. Additionally, the social media helps companies establish strong relationships with the customers and ultimately increase customer loyalty.

Furthermore, social media facilitates learning. The social networking tools provide the learners with new ways to learn as well as research. Besides, the websites such as Facebook help the learners connect and allow them to share information. Apart from facilitating learning, social media also facilitates teaching. The tutors use the social networking tools such as blogs to teach. Besides, the businesses that offer tutorial services use different social networking sites to advertise their services and also tutor.

In conclusion, social media plays an important role in the world. It helps companies attain their marketing goals such as increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty, offering improved customer services, and gaining important customer insights. Social media also facilitates recruitment in companies as well as learning and teaching. The success of different businesses greatly hinges on the way they use different social networking sites.

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