The Quote of Franz Kline About the Book Walden by Henry David Theoreau

One of Franz Kline’s most famous quotes is “Half the world wants to be like Thoreau at Walden worrying about the noise of traffic on the way to Boston; the other half use up their lives being part of that noise. I like the second half” What does Franz Kline mean though by “Thoreau at Walden”? Well, Walden is a book by author Henry Thoreau and in it, Thoreau talks about living in a natural world and being a simple man The noise of traffic would be something Thoreau would not like or something he would “worry” about This to Kline is pointless because he likes the half that doesn‘t worry about it and just partake in iti What Kline is saying is that instead of worrying about everything in life you should just enjoy it and go with the flow.

This is a very good point and realization about life in my opinion this interpretation of the quote may need a bit more reflection before a decision can be aroused.

In my opinion, both sides can be quite accurate, the reason I claim this is that everyone worries about things in life. With the stressful situations in the world, how can one not? It is literally impossible to never worry about something for the rest of your life. However, I have realized in my short time here in this world, that worrying doesn‘t accomplish anything, other than a headache and fear. As Jefferson claimed “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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This quote dictates a lot of my choices and the way I choose to live, before coming to America, I use to worry a lot about being able to adapt and learn the language. I would lose countless hours of sleep at night worrying about these situations It got completely out of control and I felt hopeless for a very long time, I remember waking up one morning and realizing that whether I worry or not, I’m still here and I will still face this same situation.

I could worry constantly, or I could do something about it. That is when I decided to try harder to learn English. Instead of worrying, I started studying harder, watching movies in English, and emerging myself in people speaking English. This was the right step to take because now I can not only speak well in English, but I can write it as well. If I would have continued to just worry about these circumstances, I would not be where I am today. So worrying about things that are inevitable is pointless and there are plenty of better ways to live life than in constant fear. The other part of this claims that one should just live with the noise, and I must say I agree with this stance more. The noise continues even when we aren’t ready for it I feel that Kline could be talking about life. Even if we worry, or we don‘t, life goes on life doesn’t stop for anything or anyone, but one must learn to cope with the obstacles of life.

This is my own stance on the quote, I’m not certain of its accuracy, but it’s my interpretation I have had several obstacles this semester, and I have suffered greatly. But, one thing I did not do, gave up I have learned that facing my problems proactively is way more beneficial than giving up. I have come way too far to obtain my degree, and I would never let a temporary problem ruin my future. Yeah, I may receive a bad grade, or I may have problems with friends, but is that worth leaving my studies and giving up? No, the answer is certainly not, I am highly motivated, and will do whatever I need to so that I can get my degree I know that the gratification is withheld for years, but it is and will be always worth the fight to me. Being a simple man is an occurring theme throughout this, a simple man is a man who does not let little problems worry them.

A man such as this accepts the life they are given and does not try too hard, but goes with the flow, I feel I am this sort of man. As explained above, I try my very hardest I understand that losing is inevitable and some of the greatest people have failed many times before they got it right I feel in this world; simple living isn’t woven into society I feel that being complicated nearly every aspect of living. Everyone is concerned with keeping up with the Jones, worried about diets, and concerned about other countries. No one simply lives anymore and doesn’t worry about every little aspect of life. I feel in past years, more worrying has been added to the equationf I would not accept this for face value.

Obviously, further analyzaLion of this is required. If not, this assignment would be pointless. There are generally always deeper meanings behind things that are said. It may be difficult to realize at first, but it can be made know by researching and thinking logically, I feel that this is good for people, it allows them to expand their minds and think of concepts not presently known to them. I have found myself doing this with art a lot lately especially after my trip to Carnegie. In my opinion, this quote is very relatable to all lives we all must learn to live simpler and happier lives. We must also become highly aware of ourselves, by doing so, we can understand our behaviors and thoughts a lot more I enjoy spending a lot of time reflecting on my life and decisions. I feel like I know myself a lot more now since I started to do this. Life doesn’t slow down, so we must evolve and speed up.

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