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“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer. Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes ”What is a hero? Is a hero someone who flies around wearing a red cape and blue tights? Is a hero someone in comic books who always fights the bad guys? Or is a hero an ordinary person who just does what they can to help others.

Well in my opinion a hero is anyone who can show courage when faced with a problem. A hero is a person who is able to help another in various ways. A person can become a hero by saving someone who is in danger. A hero can help others and give them strength to go on through life’s difficulties.

A hero can be someone who gave up his or her life so another could live.

A hero can be anyone; they can be the girl next door or the strange man across the street. But how do these “heroes” become this way are they born with their so called powers or are they made into heroes by those surrounding them? One of the main heroes in the book The Outsiders in my opinion is Johnny Cade. Johnny is brought up by his father who does not appreciate him, does not pay attention to him and barley notices that he is around.

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Not helping Johnny’s appearance is the fact that he was apart of a group called the Greasers.

Who Is Your Hero And Why Essay

The Greasers were known as, doggy, naughty and rough. And this did not attract many people to Johnny, however Johnny was able to live with it and I personally think it helped him become a better man. There are many reasons of why I think Johnny is a hero but one of them is because the book talks about Johnny being a pet to the group and a person that they all liked. I believe this is saying that Johnny must have had done something special to receive the groups trust and loyalty. And that is one thing that heroes also receive from those who are around them. However being a good friend isn’t the only heroic trait that was shown by Johnny.

But he did show it a few times. For instance another character in The Outsiders called Ponyboy was walking home with Johnny one night when they came across a bunch of Socs. The Socs basically threatened Johnny and Ponyboy and they knew they had outnumbered them as well. At this time it started to get physical as Johnny was beaten and thrown to the ground whilst Ponyboy was getting drowned by the Socs. At this stage is didn’t look good for Ponyboy and Johnny but thankfully Johnny picked him self up and when they Socs weren’t looking pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed one of the boys who was trying to drown Ponnyboy.

In that instant the other Socs ran away and Johnny had just saved one of his best friend’s lives. Another main reason why I think Johnny Cade is a hero is because of how he was willing to give up his life for a group of school children who were practically strangers to him. It started when Johnny and his two friends Ponyboy and Dally were on their way back to their hide out when they realised the church was on fire. Johnny instantaneously without any hesitance ran into the burning church when he realised there were still school children trapped inside.

One by one Johnny and his friends helped the children out. It takes a stressful situation to demonstrate what a man’s true measure is. Johnny showed that he was the best of young men by not thinking about his own life, but the lives of the children. That to me definitely demonstrates that Johnny is a hero. Another character in the book that I believe is a hero is Dally. Dally is also a young man who grows up on the doggy side of life. He is apart of the Greasers and this does show people that he is actually a good man a heart.

Despite all the rough talk that Dally produced he was actually a very loving and compassionate person and sometimes that’s all you have to be to be a hero. I believe this because unfortunately when Johnny died Dally took it really hard. He did this because he really cared for Johnny, he may have not shown it in normal ways but he really did. For example when Johnny and Ponyboy ran away from home after the incident involving the Socs Dally wasn’t the only one who was worried about the boys but he was the only one who went to search for them and he was also the only one who picked them up and took them for a bite.

This really helped Johnny and Ponyboy because not only did they have no food but they also had none they could trust and Dally was there for them to give them those things. A second reason on why I think Dally is a hero is because when he saw that Johnny and Ponyboy had ran into the church he not only ran in after them to save the children’s lives he also did it to save their lives as he cared for them very much and he didn’t want them to get hurt. The final character that I think is a hero in the book The Outsiders is Ponyboy.

The reason I think this is because along with Johnny and Dally Ponyboy was a Greaser. Greasers did not have the best reputation and this gave them no opportunities in their community. However Ponyboy went along with it but it was not easy for him. As he always had second thoughts of himself and this did not help his confidence. But thankfully he was able to trust himself and this helped his friend Johnny a lot, because after Johnny stabbed one of the Socs he was too afraid to go home. But Ponyboy was there for him and he ran away with Johnny to try escape from their bad life.

I think that was a heroic move from Ponyboy as when someone needed him he was there for them. Another reason why I think Ponyboy is a hero is because he also ran into the burning church to try save the children that were trapped and he did a good job of it saving all of them. But Ponyboy also did something else. When Johnny was dying Ponyboy sat with Johnny and he wouldn’t leave until he knew that Johnny would get better. Unfortunately Johnny died but Ponyboy was there when it happened showing that he was a hero by staying with Johnny until he wasn’t allowed to stay with him anymore.

In The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton I think that the story of a group of dodgy boys known as Greasers demonstrates very well that heroes are in fact made not born. The reason I think this is because of how the book reads that a group of boys that grow up in bad areas and are brought up in bad ways actually turn out to be true heroes. This makes me think that heroes are made not born because of how it shows you can be anyone to be a hero, whoever you are and whatever you do if you want to you can be a hero.

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