Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience


Henry David Thoreau was born on july 12th 1817 and died in 1862 to give an idea of the time. He was a poet and philosopher who had graduated from Harvard college.He believed that the law of nature and god was more important than the law of man. He had a rebellious personality and he stood up for what he believed in

Civil disobedience by Thoreau is about

You can kind of tell what Civil disobedience is about just by its original name “resist to civil government.

How I incorporate it is people need to go against something if it’s not right. Don’t just do nothing because it won’t change anything and it will just go on. He refused to pay taxes because he didn’t believe in something the government was doing and he didn’t want his money to go towards it. The first time he didn’t pay taxes was because he wanted to protest slavery.

The second time he decided to not pay taxes was because he didn’t support the mexican war. He thought the government was just trying to take more land for slavery because they make a lot of money off of it.

The paper was included in the aesthetic papers which he wrote in response to the government locking him up. In the essay he states that the human created laws are flawed because they are manmade and thinks people should not follow them if they violate natural laws or basic human rights.

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Another thing he thought was most people at the time would just do whatever the government would want them to do and just follow blindly. He was worried that to an extant no one would think for themselves. I feel like this could apply to today. I would say most people now would follow the crowd and most people would do what society says is right. But sometimes going against what the majority thinks might be a good thing.

Many great things have come from standing up against something. The U.S. was created when the colonies stood up against Britain. When british was over taxing the colonies without seeing anything in return for the money they broke away from the british control. Another example is slavery. When people started seeing it as evil and the people started going against it ended pretty quick. There are countless other examples of when standing against the masses proved beneficial.

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