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The following sample essay on “The Protector of Belinda Bauer Review”. The author draws her characters with interesting, very different, partly bizarre traits.The storyline is logical and easy to follow, the atmosphere fit.

Since Jonas Holly’s wife Lucy has MS, the life of the couple has changed fundamentally. Her job as a kindergarten teacher who placed the now severely handicapped Lucy. Now they fought in the two hundred year old cottage of their deceased parents their lives every day.

The common desire to have children she has away from him; are much closer to her thoughts of suicide. But their enthusiasm for horror films and their intense interest in Jonas activities distract still enough.

Jonas, a caring and responsible man has hanged his career in the police service on the nail for Lucy. He wants to take care of them, be their constant protector. As a village policeman in Shipcott in the English county Somerset he can; since childhood he knows here all residents and their personal tragedies, and it is there very popular

Now drives a serial killer on the loose -.

calculated on the seriously ill in the village he’s after, to the care of cases in the Family , Just who is this “angel of death”?

Detective Chief Inspector Marvel, an arrogant, “infallible Police Super Hero” with 25 years of service experience, and his colleague are from London in this “Scheißkaff” with its “bloody-range eggs “seconded. On an insider as the “Village Bobby” Jonas Marvel can all do without ( “We get along without you clear”), so he determined furiously.

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Members are suspected and an offender he shoots on.

But the killer communicates with Jonas. He is survived by his handwritten messages under the windshield wiper, the garden stakes, on a toilet door: “Do your job, crybaby.” Such attacks, to constantly bullied by Marvel, Jonas is hit hard and under pressure. He has his job behind Marvel’s back make, and he has to protect his commanded him. Even at night he sets out in search of clues. He has, of course, fears for his terminally ill Lucy that could be the next victim.

Belinda Bauer’s psychological thriller “The Protector”, translated by Marie-Luise Bezzenberger, starts at a high voltage level than at the beginning of the bedridden Margaret Priddy is smothered with a pillow and the cat-and-mouse game between the perpetrator and Jonas the reader strongly involves the investigator role with. Jonas not only receives messages but also feels constantly watched. Soon the reader with all Dorbewohnern is as familiar as Jonas. Who is left in the end? And a dark secret for the time being we remain hidden and keeps us at a distance to Jonas: He wants to oust like what he has done as a boy with a friend …

The author draws her characters with interesting, very different, partly bizarre traits. A man, for example, stealing cars, catches a ride with it and then gives it back to their owners – not previously perfect pep up again without it. The storyline is logical and easy to follow, the atmosphere fit: in the damp, dark moorland with heavy snowfalls an uncomfortable, threatening atmosphere created. These seasoned with a little black humor, is “the protector” an absolutely recommendable thriller.

For a small restriction my enthusiasm a few text lengths and not clearly enlightened questions are responsible that I the least with the Gold Dagger not want to let go simply by award-winning and primed as “Thriller Queen” Belinda Bauer. Some other author would perhaps rather conceded something.

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