The Portrayal of the Life of Jews in Schindler's List

Life for Jews Portrayed by Schindler’s List

Shindler’s List,” a movie production directed by Stephen Spielberg, is a movie that accurately shows what life was like for the Jews at the time of the Holocaust. Jews were forced out of their homes and put into places where they had to perform hard labor. Nazi commanders treated the Jews horribly. Jews were killed for no reason, many times just to set an example. One man was shot in the movie because he only had one arm and he was seen as worthless.

A woman was shot because she was too well educated. Some were just shot randomly to set examples, even though no one knew why they were killed. This movie took place when the Nazis set out to change history, to exterminate the Jews in Poland.

The main character in this movie is Oskar Shindler. Shindler is a very greedy German businessman who has Jews as his workers in his factory.

He does not pay his workers; he just takes in the profit for himself. Shindler didn’t like that Nazi commanders were killing off his workers because he lost money since there was less productivity in the factory. He was more in for the money to save the lives of the innocent Jews. Throughout the movie, Shindler goes through many changes, especially in the way he feels about the killings of the Jews. In the beginning, he just is in for the money, but the killing of the Jews and the humanism that is taking place later saddens him.

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After he sees many of the Jewish bodies being burned and their bodies being wheelbarrowed to the burning site, he is disgusted with the situation and decides to try to save as many Jews as he can. At this point, he has changed from caring only about money to caring for the people and their lives that are at stake. Shindler, a true-life character, saves about 1100 Jews from being killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. In the end, when he leaves the Jews that he saved, he is mad at himself because he feels he could have saved more. He says something to the effect, “I could have sold my car, that would have saved about 10 more.” He breaks down and the Jews and his wife are there to comfort him because he saved their lives and they are grateful.

Shindler’s List is a movie that everyone should see at some point in his or her life. It accurately shows what Jews as well as many others went through during the time that the Nazis were the ruler of Germany. No one can truly understand what went on at the concentration camps without seeing this very graphic and detailed movie. Although Shindler saved some of the Jews, approximately 6 million died, along with other ethnic groups. Once again, this movie is strongly recommended to see because it shows just how dreadful part of our world’s history is.

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