The Popularity of the New York City

New York City is the center of America and the second most populated city in current day but has been the first in the past. First, a place that you could visit in New York City is the Empire State Building to have a great view of the whole city Herald Square is a nice and famous place to go for lunch while you‘re visiting. Also, an amusement park to go to is Coney Island that also includes a seaside resort as a plus.

The well known city is majorly known for its beautiful skylines which you can see from many places throughout the city.

In addition, it has NYU, New York University, an amazing medical college that could give many people a future.All of these qualities make NYC an ideal place to live or even visit occasionally, All in all, New York City has beautiful skylines and buildings along with a famous amusement park and a terrific but expensive college if you’re looking for a future there, New York is important to me because I’ve always found the city interesting but I have yet to actually go and visit there, I would like to live there and go to college there if I could get that chance.

I am hopefully going this summer. The lights, the people, the places, all just seem so infatuating. I’d love to get my own experience, I know that New York is one of the largest tourist attractions in the world.

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It is also the second most populated city in America with over 8 million residents, America is widely known for New York City by people who are from outside the United States and even inside! My first wondering is, what are some places to visit in New York City and what would you do there? The first place I found was the Statue of Liberty. “A stirring symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty has been a beacon in New York Harbor since 1886” (New York, 2016) The Statue of Liberty is a center of the whole city and you could take a tour of it, Another place you could visit is the Empire State Building “From its magnificent lobby — now sporting a re- creation of its original spectacular ceiling mural — to the 86th-floor observatory perched more than 1,000 feet (305 meters) above the city streets, this National Historic Landmark gives visitors plenty to admire” (New York, 2016).

People say your trip is not complete if you didn’t visit the Empire State Building and see the whole city at the top, These are just 2 of the many places you can visit while in New York City. My second wondering is, where are some good places to eat? For breakfast you could go to Mile End Delicatessen at 53 Bond St. “At breakfast, it’s sewed in a hash with sunnyside eggs, potatoes, and onion Bagels from the deli‘s sister spot Black Seed are served with rich cream cheese and house-cured gravlax or swapped in for the rye on the breakfast sandwich, which is stacked with fried eggs, house bacon, and cheddar” (Ferst, 2015)

For lunch you can go to Herald Square, “One of the cheaper K-Town options, this tucked-away cafe delivers modern Korean fare like a tortilla-less kimchi taco and bulgogi rice (which, true to its name, are all served in cups), all for under 10 bucks” (Lunch, 2015), Lastly, for dinner you could go to Grindhaus, “There are a number of interesting vegetable and fish dishes on Chef Joe Macchia’s menum” (Eat, 2015) Those are places you can get each meal in a day, My third wondering is, where would you go for amusement parks in New York City?

A very popular amusement park to go to is Coney Island, “New York City neighborhood with amusement park attractions, rides including the Cyclone roller coaster, sideshows, circus and a museum” (Luna, 2016). It has a sight for amusement parks and an added bonus of a seaside resort. Going to the Luna Park in Coney Island is a must while visiting this amazing city. My fourth wondering is, what is New York City known for? It is known for the skyline and its many skyscrapers.

“No matter: When people talk about Skylines, we bet that midtown Manhattan—home to the cloud-piercing spires of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings—is what they’re imagining” (Bruning, 2014), Even though it isn’t home to them, we know people are talking about NYC when they name a skyline, “In the intervening century and a half, New York City has more than earned its name as notjust as musical theater‘s birthplace, but the spot where it’s done better than anywhere around the globe” (Bruning, 2014).

New York is also the home of Broadway making it well known around the world. My fifth wondering is, what is a good college to go to for medicine in NYC and how much would it cost? “NYU School of Medicine, founded in 1841, offers professional medical education for a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree” (NYU, 2016), NYU offers a MD degree and also offers a PHD, MPH, MBA degree along with it. “Add in room, board and other fees, and the annual price comes to $63,472” (Kurt, 2016} The price you would pay out of state would be around 63,000 a year which is pretty expensive for a private college, Doing this research, I have learned so many new things about the wonderful city that is New York City but here are just 3 of them.

First, the Empire State Building gives you a view of over 1,000 feet. Second, there is a seaside resort when you visit Coney Island. Third, NYU is an expensive and private college. Those are 3 of my new learnings. Clearly, I had some surprised learnings as well about NYC.

  • First, NYC is known for its skyline and skyscrapers.
  • Second, NYU is a private expensive University that costs around $63,000 annually.
  • Third, NYC has a popular amusement park called Coney Island that is very popular, Those are 3 surprising learnings, Although I did plenty of research, I still have a few remaining questions.

How many people visit New York City a year and from where? Why is New York City the center of America? What makes it a good place to live? All in all, those are the remainder of my questions.


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