Love Hate Relationship With New York

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New York City is a fascinating place with too much charm for its own good. It is evident in both E. B. White’s Here is New York and Goodbye to All That, by Joan Doing that it is easy to fall in love with New York.

However, it isn’t too hard to fall out of love with this city, either. White mentions three types of New Yorkers: natives, commuters and non-natives, and how they contribute to the quality of this city. Doing tells us the story of her arrival to New York from the West, and discusses her rough first-

Impression, that led to a decision to stay for 8 years. Both authors create an Image of New York that shows a city of wonder and curiosity, which leads me to believe that a “relationship” with New York City can (and will) be complicated because there are aspects that we may grow to love, and others that we might end up despising.

In the opening passage from E. B. White’s “Here Is New York,” he describes the three types of New Yorkers as the natives who take their city for granted; the commuters who live the fast-paced, sheep-like lifestyle; and the non-native New Yorkers who come, reaching for something new.

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According to white, It Is the third type of New York that completes the city, as a whole.

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He says, “They account for New Work’s high disposition, poetical deportment, and dedication to the arts, and its comparable achievements. ” Although this makes it a beautiful place, it is also the city’s demise. He goes on to say that New York is a target for destruction, due to its “clear priority. ” It is vulnerable, because there is so much variety; so much to offer! It’s as though all of its buildings, ridges and other well-known landmarks have suddenly become ten times more noticeable!

Nevertheless, each New Yorker “embraces their city with the intense excitement of first-love, and a fresh, new adventure. ” Regardless of what may come of it, “New York must hold a steady, irresistible charm,” meaning it has a particular standard to own up to due to its high level of popularity. Although E. B. White doesn’t mention one, I do believe there is a fourth type of New Yorker. They are the ones that grew up here and fell in love with its beauty, but had their heart broken by the new epistyle.

The one who aspires to move on from New York, and experience life in the suburbs, away from the chaos, the monotony and the locusts! I am definitely the fourth type of New-Yorker. In an excerpt from Joan Dingo’s “Goodbye to All That,” she sets the mood for the text by stating “it is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends. ” It is clear that she once had a better opinion of New York, until she had seen it for herself. While Doing may sound pessimistic, I realized that she was actually being optimistic.

It Is easy to assume something Is going to be bad, based on a negative first Impression, but you never know how good It can turn out to be, after all. Dillon was twenty-years-old In the summer she arrived In New York. “The warm air smelled of mildew and some Instinct programmed by all the movies, songs and stones I knew of New York Informed me that It would never be the same again,” she explained. She described looking out of the bus window on her first night Into town, as she watched for the skyline, but could only see the “wastes of

Queens, big signs that said MIDTOWN TUNNEL THIS LANE, and a flood of exotic summer rain. ” During her long-distance calls with the boy she knew she would never marry, she had mentioned she would only stay for 6 months; she ended up staying was something so curious about a different kind of city, that she was eager to discover. Clearly, New Work’s charm can persuade anyone to stay, even through a difficult transition from one lifestyle to another. I consider myself to be the New Yorker that loves the city, but has grown out of it. Growing up, I always said that I could never leave New York.

I loved the city, the big bridges lit up at night, looking out over the East River in Dumb, Brooklyn, having access to any city via public transit, the variety of cultures and cuisines, and ultimately living in a city that never sleeps! Although I still love these things about New York, I would much rather spend some time on a farm in Ohio! As an aspiring Wildlife Rehabilitate, I would love to raise ducks, goats, and dogs on farmland. It isn’t legal to own certain species of animals, in he city of New York, so a lot of my goals have been put on hold.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike living in New York, it’s Just that this city no longer has much to offer me. For some, the idea of having a chaotic subway station, filled with loud, pushy people, might be frightening. On the other hand, some would appreciate being able to travel anywhere in the city for two-dollars and fifty cents! As New Yorkers, we are very privileged! I pray that I will learn to love New York, all over again.. “Relationship” with New York City can be complicated because there are aspects that e may grow to love, and others that we end up disliking.

While E. B. White, Joan Doing and I all agree that New York is a city of possibility as well as having a rough (or unexpected) first impression, New York ended up being a blessing after all. I can’t say I see myself staying for the rest of my life, but I can say I will always have love for New York, deep down. So many amazing opportunities and experiences have been placed before me, and as a Native New Yorker, I am very privileged! I live in a bittersweet city; one that is always so beautiful, but often so cruel.

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