The On Unforgettable Concert

The following sample essay on The On Unforgettable Concert. It’s not every day you find a Christen base concert you can go to that you can honestly say left a dominant affect on you. People usually go to christen concerts and say “yeah it was good. “But for them to actually say “OMG this was the most spectacular, one of a kind, unforgettable concert I’ve ever been too”. It’s really difficult to find a Christen concert that moves you in such a way that makes you want to rethink your whole life.

This concert really did a number on me. It really made me think how my relationship with God was, and what I could do to make it better. From the moment you walked in till the end of the concert it was just purely magnificent. The lights shined so brightly. There were rays of blue, pink, purple, and yellow lights that shined beautifully. Every color played their part flawlessly.

Then there was the out of this world music that filled the Arena to the point that you couldn’t hear your own screams.

The band was incredible. Every instrument could be heard; and together cast a magic spell on the audience. The band played a part in every aspect of the concert. Little parts like when the preacher was praying in the piano and violin was playing, and you felt every word.Then ther was the breathtaking performances done by amazing christen artistes; every song moved you in a remarkable way, making you feel every meaning to the song that was being performed.

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There were actual songs that were so glorious to the point where you heard literally angles singing above the crowed. The music filled the atmosphere so much that you felt the peace, like there was no other place as amazing as this; it was almost like being in heaven. The crowed of thousands in which if you looked from a far looked like ants you would expect to be loud wasn’t loud. The crowd voice was as one, almost like a musical instrument which truly brought out the meaning that our voice was an instrument. Preachers are like teachers. Whe…

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