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One and the same blow strikes at the same time two love relationships in two places on different continents, and two momentous tragedies then take a nearly identical course. What sounds unbelievable, the Chilean bestselling author Elizabeth Subercaseaux become a Handlungsplot, which should be read as exciting as a thriller. If you have such a hold a random impossible, so the author is driving their concept to the extreme: it leads also two affected figures on a third continent together, they can be shared years in an Indian ashram spend without knowing what they together.

Only at the end of the novel, as did a third, travels also concerned about this place and tells her life story, the unprecedented parallelism is paradoxically credible.

It is Sunday, October 17, 1999. we are on a country estate in Santiago de Chile and at the same time in a posh villa in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. This exceptional day has two histories.

Nahuel is a wealthy Chilean estate owner with many farmers and workers who live with their families on its huge area.

After the death of his beloved wife Rosalina Nahuel Elisa married, a Roman Catholic, ultra-conservative Pinochet supporter that he already knows from childhood. Was there ever love between them, or Nahuel offered only a cheap way to win a caring mother for his daughter Francesca? In any case, the two face each other in their attitudes and political views diametrically incompatible. Sexuality is as good place as never before. Elisa leaves the procedure without resistance, but disgusted endure; they want the order of the Catholic Church, only to reproduce the act receive the divine blessing, must be followed and is also haunted by horror stories about large, painful male genitals.

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In the fall of 1994 Nahuel travels in search of a vineyard with which it can expand its import trade with French wines, in the Provence. There he meets the charming Frenchwoman Juliette and takes with her all that his marriage is missing. The two have a deep affection for each other and manage to build a relationship despite the large distance across two continents and until the fateful day in 1999 to maintain it.

In Wallingford lives, the respected lawyer Joshua with his wife Alexa. Your loving joint family fortune comes to an abrupt end, died when her four year old daughter at a simple tonsillectomy because of an operational error within minutes. Since both packs a pain that completely paralyzes. Instead of comforting assist each other, they are not capable of any hug, can not cry or cry. A wall depends on between them, they retreat into their shells. Alexa takes refuge in depression, and Joshua goes out of her way. When he happened upon a young thing, Quinn, meets in a bar, has a conversation with her, she invites him to her home, this is the beginning of a sexually intended for Joshua relationship while Quinn given his gifts, buying a house and its to let promise a divorce, believes she has found true love. Also this relationship ends abruptly at the conscious day of 1999.

Elizabeth Subercaseaux has thrilled me with her novel “Beloved”. It is an absolute newcomer, I do not want to miss for me. Fascinating are the literary design and structure of their work, although a little concentration is needed when the author in a relatively short chapters between past 1999 (and earlier) and Time
2008 and jumps between different action types. In constant change lets the various characters who carry the act or momentous influence, report on their perspectives. These stories created the author so intense that the specific characteristics of each narrator is clearly emerge in the manner of its presentation. Quinn, for example, so begins: “You ask me how my life looked like?” and speaks so apparently the reader, the immediate curiosity recorded – until he realizes that they share their emotional pain, her story has to be worked up, otherwise it will not go on would be able – and that they need to do regularly with their actual audience hits: “So to Thursday …”.

Or we watch Prudencia as Elisa is on the estate to the side. Almost nuns alike they are in their Bible studies moralapostolische counseling, writes the employees on how it should behave godly, employees mixes it into the sex life. Any failure they can carry, book takes over and the -allenfalls Nahuel is entitled takes – right out to refer long-term reliable and loyal employees of the goods, etc. because they their “perversions” as extramarital sex, abortion) neither can be tolerated still unpunished. Such wicked must disappear before it can compromise the salvation of others. Her imperious, overbearing and self-righteous attitude can be felt in her words clearly – and first and foremost in their motto: “God’s hand is everywhere” (p 95); they even presumes to be God’s hands.

Although the novel with Quinn begins many questions relatively loose, lively and entertaining, to slowly but soon suspects is something vaguely threatening, a sense of anxiety creeps and increasingly urgent germinates the question of where the novel well-aimed that disaster begins to take shape as it will strike. Unbelievable, unbelievable what Elizabeth Subercaseaux created there!


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