Describe Romeo as a lover before and after he meets Juliet

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Throughout the story the way in which Romeo feels and act as a lover change hugely. We can notice this even by the way he expressed himself, it is not only the meaning of the words but how he says them. By the love of Juliet his character also changes, he becomes a happier man, and jokes, his attitude is transformed, but at the same time, he is suffering immensely because of this love.He should not see Juliet because they are from different groups, Romeo is a Montague, while Juliet is a Capulet.

They are really big enemies. ”My only love sprung from my only hate!” Montague’s and Capulet’s hate each other so by fate we know that a love between them is impossible. There is dramatic irony, we already know from this that this story is going to end sadly, with death.Romeo at the begging of the story is presented as a very passionate, young man, with complex personality.

He is immature and enjoys feeling infatuated with the supposed love he feels towards Rosemary, but at the same time he is sad because it is not corresponded love. He thought Rosemary was the most beautiful woman, and that there does not exist so much beauty as the one she has, and so does not want to look at other woman. ”One fairer than my love? The all-seing sun ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.” He does not believe that someone more beautiful than Juliet could exist.

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He spoke in a very complex and elaborated language, full of metaphors, images, and always in rhyming couplets, it shows it is an artificial love, just an obsession.His father does not know what is wrong with Romeo, ”Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out, and makes himself and artificial night.” This is said by him and refers to Romeo, and shows that therefore he was not acting normally. Romeo is sad, and so he isolates himself , he hides in the sickamore.His father even compares Romeo to a bud, “As is the bad bitten by an envious worm ere he can spread his sweet leaves to the air.” He thinks a worm, evilness, is eating his thoughts, and is destroying Romeo, who is young as a bud, and so it does not let him to grow and show his beauty. Romeo therefore, is not acting normally, his father sees odd things in him.When Romeo sees Juliet by the first time, he is stun by her beauty, and forgets about Rosaline. ”O she does teach the torches to burn bright.” He thinks she is incredibly attractive. Imagery of light reaches it’s climate, when Romeo compares Juliet to the sun, which is the maximum of all the light, that means Juliet is the greatest light for Romeo. He immediately falls in love of her, and his character began to change, and he reinforces this by the way in which his words change. He stops using a so elaborated language. Romeo’s idea of love is very passionate and pure just as Juliet’s, and in contrast with Mercutio, Sampson, and the nurse’s idea of love which is a more physical love, anxious for sex, and the outward things of love. They do not understand them, and so this is what is going to isolate them even more from the rest.Romeo is really passionate, and anxious to see Juliet, he even crosses the orchard into the Capulet’s house, so he is putting his life in risk. He prefers to die in the orchard looking for Juliet, than dying without Juliet’s love. ”I am pierced with his shaft.” This means he is too much in love. (He was pierced by cupid’s arrow). He is also very happy about this love, he is in very high spirits. For the first time he jokes with Mercutio about women, sexual organs, body language. They speak puns, and their dialogue is full of sexual meanings, we can see the close relationship between them. Romeo is not melancholic nor sad any more. Romeo’s attitude has change progressively. But we can see the contrast between their view of love. Mercutio is still the one who refers to sexual meanings, and Romeo just laughs about it, because even though, his love continues being pure, he is more romantic, he does not use sexual words, but instead uses puns in a different way. Romeo has a more idealistic view of love. From the beginning of the story Romeo’s love has been a pure one, the same idea of love that Juliet has.In conclusion, Romeo does change in all aspects, by the exception of his view towards love. With Juliet he feels real love, even though sometimes there is some artificial love, elaborated language in his speeches, but even though there is still a big change in his way of speaking. He has turned into a better man, happier, but at the same time very passionate with Juliet, and anxious to see her, and do whatever is needed for her. He prefers dying than not having Juliet, so their love is so strong that not even death can keep them apart.

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Describe Romeo as a lover before and after he meets Juliet
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