Lysander's Lover

The two women argue. Hermia accuses Helena of steeling Lysander’s love from her and Helena argues that she is in on the act. Demetrius and Lysander begin to row about who loves Helena the most. The arguments are full of extreme dislike emotion and generate images of hell once again. There is a theme of jealousy here. Puck is told to fix his problems. He pretends to be each human to separate them and get the right couples together, Hermia and Lysander, and Helena and Demetrius.

Titania is fussing over Bottom and the fairies are taking very good care of him too.

Oberon begins to feel sorry for Titania falling in love with a so-called monster. He makes her fall back in love with him. She thinks she was having a bad dream when she wakes up back in love with her real partner. Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus find the lovers and Bottom. Egeus is reminded that it is time for Hermia to make her decision about whether to live or die, but Demetrius interrupts and says he does not want to be with Hermia, as he does not lover her, he loves Helena.

He believes you should be with the person you love, and not be forced into it.

Lysander View Of Love

The Duke and Queen resolve the matter by allowing the two couples to be together for eternity. Bottom is left sleeping. Once again we have images of the sun and moon, they are symbolic of the natural forces having control over other things.

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They suggest magic fate and forces have an impact and influence on happenings. This also suggests and links into astrological horoscopes which many people read today. People try and change fate, to prevent bad things from occurring. The actors cannot find Bottom until when he decides to wake and shows up late. Everyone turns up to watch the play at the wedding.

The play is performed with some comedic wit. The clock strikes twelve and it is the end of the Summer Solstace. Everything turns magical and is enhanced by the fairy world. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is still a very important play today. It shows and teaches us of issues in and around love and furthermore magic. In the play Oberon serves as a magical counterpart to the human males and, thus, in his relationship to Titania, provides a different view of love and the relationship with the beloved. The magic that Oberon chooses to teach Titania a lesson is responsible for all the comic misadventures of the plot.

The play additionally shows us how men and women treat each other. Hermia and Lysander demonstrate the relationship of undying love towards each other. On the other hand you have the relationship between father and daughter, Egeus and Hermia. Egeus wants Hermia to be with someone whom she does not love, and tries to threaten her. This illustrates that not only is Egeus being selfish, he is also being protective and wanting the best for his daughter. This establishes tension as the audience is left to decide whom they side with. Another example of how men and women treat each other is the association of Helena and Demetrius.

Helena does all she can for Demetrius and is very affectionate towards him, however Demetrius dismisses her out of hand because he doesn’t care for her. Still today we find families and partners arguing about love, you can even find arguing between men and women in the work place fighting for equal pay. This is one of the many reasons that A Midsummer Night’s Dream is still important in today’s society. This part of the play also symbolises arranged marriages in cultures and today’s civilization. This is also shown through the battle of power between Oberon and Titania, and again today via religion.

The play what’s more presents to the audience the theme of magic, and the issue that magic, or even money cannot buy love. It displays that relationships are not an ‘easy ride’ and do need working at. ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’. In the play the magic seems to do more harm than good, creating a moral to the story; magic can do no good, it is evil and can hurt people in many ways not realised. The idea of the play is revolved around the inspiration of the Summer Solstace. The Summer Solstace is the longest day of the year, and it is believed this is the day when amazing magical happenings occur.

The background of the play and the framework is built around the Summer Solstace. All the things happening in the play, the lovers, the goings on in the fairy world and the mechanicals all have an effect on the outcome of the circumstance they are leading up to. A modern audience would have problems in understanding the context of the magic because in a play it is a lot harder to parade magic as you cannot use camera tricks as it is live, you need to demonstrate it visually. Shakespeare’s language creates word play with humour and misunderstandings.

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