The Life and Times of Ralph Nader in His Book, "Unsafe at Any Speed"

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Not many people know who Ralph Nader is, he can walk in the streets and not worry about anybody coming up to him asking for an autograph. People may be unaware of his presence but he is the guy who made a big impact in the nation and probably saved thousands of people. Ralph Nader is the reason why millions of people don’t die when they go for a car ride and also ran for presidency in 2000. But what will he be remembered for? His first book, “Unsafe at Any Speed” in which he wrote in 1965 explains how people wouldn’t buy cars that were safe, and only bought cars that looked attractive He also held the auto shops accountable for producing cars they knew weren‘t safe.

In 1969 Ralph Nader founded an organization that focused on consumer issues that was called “Naders Raiders” His letter to put airbags in cars made it to the front page of the Washington Post, Ralph also founded many more organizations such as, Public Interest Research Group, Center for Auto Safety, and the Disability Rights Center during his time as a consumer advocate.

In 2000, there was a controversy that Ralph Nader was the one to blame for Al Gore’s presidential lost, Al Gore lost the election to George W. Bush by a few hundred votes and Ralph was blamed for not dropping out of the election. It was said that if he had dropped out, then all of the followers of Ralph would vote for Al Gore therefore making him president, This controversy pretty much made Ralph Nader more famous.

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But when he dies, will people see him as the guy who messed up Al Gore’s candidacy or the guy who put seatbelts in the car saving thousands of lives? In my opinion I think Ralph Nader will be remembered for fighting for our rights. Yes, the 2000 election is what made some Americans angry at him but after all he did do a lot more good deeds for our country. “Who cares about my legacy? My legacy is established They’re not going to tear their seatbelts out of the car. I look to the future. That‘s the important thing.”

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