The Leadership Skills and Patience I Learned from Working at Cousin's Subs

Although I was Involved In activities such as POPS (power of positive students) and volleyball, I made my job at Cousin’s Subs my priority. I was not involved in many school activities because I work most days during the week. Some people might think working at Cousin’s Subs is just an easy way to make money. but it is much more than that. At work I learn to work with people in all environments. Whether Cousin’s Subs is slow or has a line of people out the door, my coworkers and I always work together with positive attitudes.

Cousin‘s Subs recently got new employees which meant I would have to train them. I knew right away I would be suitable for this. My coworkers often come to me because I am very knowledgeable of the job and am a good leader. I want to go to college to become an occupational therapist. Thisjob requires great leadership skills and patience.

Before myjob at Cousin’s Subs. l lacked these skills. I couldn’t be happier for making this my priority. I also learned how to be responsible.

The more hours I worked, the less time for homework and friends I had. I learned that if I push myself, I can have plenty of time for my homework and then friends on the weekend. Working many hours also meant earning a couple hundreds of dollars. Rather than going to the mall, I put more than half of my paycheck in my savings account.

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With my plans of getting my master‘s degree in college, I would need to save money and I knew that. Cousin’s Subs has different customers come in every day. In the first couple months of working there, I would get the customers what they ordered and get back to work. I soon learned that most costumers love to have conversations with the workers. I bring up conversations with my costumers and they love it. I learned that it is fun to get to know all types of people. The diversity of costumers and my coworkers is what makes work so much fun. Working a minimum wage job in most cases is not desired; however I love myjob because of the people. the challenge. and the college cash.

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