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Essay on “My Cousin Rachel. Scapegoat”

At Daphne du Maurier I read only these two works, but reviews the reader to understand that open ending – if not always, then often used her welcome

And the “My Cousin Rachel” and “scapegoat” in the end will give the will. your imagination and some food for thought – your mind. Plots trivial, but now much in order.

So, “My Cousin Rachel”. The challenge for me is even some kind of definition of the work. This detective, crime novel? Why all the mystery is just that, and whether the crime was.

Young man loses beloved uncle, but finds it. It invades his house, takes his mind, excites his soul. But who is she ?! A victim or a cold-blooded killer? Choice – for us

«scapegoat» presents us with a greater number of characters, more styles, more than cause-and-effect relationships, which forced the hero to unravel.. However, it can escape at any time. There will be no problems, claims, liabilities, piles of domestic problems and family problems.

But only if there is just this – will not seem to have anything. He will stay. And we think. Do we not lose sight of something important for the same problems, if not lose something of value in our eyes is truly important, when we are faced with the inevitable difficulties? We are free to stay or go, but do not lose what you have?

My Cousin Rachel Book Review

Each member of the family, downright hero fell down on his head, something offended in some way needs.

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No so easy to understand. But, in all honesty, do we always bother to questions about what hurt and what need our loved ones? The hero has no choice, he accepted the game, he has to work hard. But our choice is always ours.

Each new member of the family of the hero has its flaws, but it has to justify them. And we have to work again, I think – and whether all can be justified, and if I have a very justifiable? And there are no excuses for the members of my family?

The realism, detail, makes the causes of the heroes of Daphne du Maurier’s true, cause in the first place, trust, and secondly, the emotions. From her stories it is impossible to dismiss. Possibly triggered a psychological technique – if you ask a person a question, he even unconsciously, will look for an answer. Their open final, she asks us questions, seek answers to that account in itself. Who you are? Cynic? Then, the final will be very cynical. Or you fighter for the truth? Then in the final to win the truth. Maybe you – the very embodiment of hope? Then the finals will meet the best of hopes. Your consciousness determines being.

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