Wedding Day: Insights from a Farm Bureau Cousin

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My paper is going to cover what is supposed to be one of the happiest days in people’s lives, their wedding day. I spoke to my cousin who is a Farm Bureau insurance agent and asked her for some ideas on insurance that is out of the ordinary and she directed me to Wed-sure, a specialized agency that covers wedding. When I think of that type of insurance, I was thinking that would be used when either the bride or groom backs out at the last minute.

I was surprised to see how many different situations can occur to cause a wedding to be delayed.

The story that I have chosen to tell is about an unexpected death that occurred on the eve of a well lanned, very expensive, wedding Sol and Chaya planned their wedding in downtown Washington, D. C. , at a grand, historic hotel. It would be a formal event with 300 guests and a four-course meal at the reception.

Sol’s father was a retired senator, so the guest list was diverse and included many influential and well-known people. The night before the big event, a more casual, albeit quite swanky, rehearsal dinner was scheduled at the historic bar and grill attached to the hotel.

Wedsure Wedding Insurance

Sol’s 88-year-old father, David, was riding the train from New York and two of his favorite indulgences, lobster nd prime rib, were on the menu. David was quite proud of his son and fond of his soon-to-be daughter-in-law. He relished the thought of mingling with old friends and spending time with his family.

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All was going according to plan until the evening of the rehearsal dinner, when Sol went to the train station to pick up his father. As riders exited the train, David was nowhere to be found. Sol called his father’s cell phone, but there was no answer.

He then went to the ticket counter at the train station to see if his father, David had purchased a ticket. Indeed, he had purchased a icket so his disappearance was disheartening. Sol noticed a policeman and an EMT boarding the emptied train, and his heart started pounding in his chest. He asked a few onlookers what was happening and he learned from others on the train, that a passenger had been found unconscious. Soon, Sol’s worst fears were realized and that the passenger in question was indeed his father. Worse yet for Sol, his father was deceased and not unconscious as initially believed.

The whole situation was so surreal, sad, and unexpected that Sol struggled to think clearly. His heart was broken and all he wanted to do was grieve. Thankfully, his wife to be, Chaya was his rock. One thing he had always admired was her ability to remain calm under pressure and today although the pressure was more than anyone should have to bear was no exception. After consoling Sol, and logistically discussing the next steps, she calmly stated that the wedding could not proceed under these circumstances with Sol being so distraught about the death of his father.

She called a group of her closest friends and family members to help her dispatch the news to all expected guests. Then, once Sol was quieted, she called Wed- Sure, the insurance agency Chaya had visited prior o planning the wedding. Just as she expected, Wed- Sure confirmed that she had in fact purchased wedding cancellation coverage on her wedding insurance policy and that she and Sol would be reimbursed for all expenses the couple had incurred.

At this late date, final payments were already required for the major expenses and had been paid by Sol and Chaya. The costs incurred totaled $103,000! Thanks to their Wed- Sure policy, Sol and Chaya recouped every penny. They were greatly relieved and able to put the wedding behind them and truly focus on the moment at hand – aying goodbye to their beloved father. From extreme weather to severe sickness to job loss, there are numerous unplanned scenarios and events that can wreak havoc with your wedding plans.

That’s why it’s Just plain smart to have wedding cancellation insurance. Wedsure’s cancellation and postponement insurance helps young couples safeguard there investment into their wedding and their future. This type of coverage pays the nonrefundable expenses incurred when the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding or reception must be canceled or postponed for reasons beyond anyone’s ontrol. If the wedding is canceled for a covered reason many times the honeymoon expenses are also covered.

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