The King of Rome by Giancarlo de Cataldo Review

Giancarlo de Cataldo is a judge in Rome and writes the way political and Mafia thriller for which he draws themes and motifs from his own professional experience. He has landed successful bestseller, the z.T. were made into a movie, “Dirty Hands,” “Days of Rage” and “Romanzo Criminale”.

2012 was published in Italy his latest novel, ” Io sono il Lebanese. “, which has the Folio publishing house just in the translation by Karin Fleischanderl as bleak-black jewelry edition released. At the end, there is an epilogue, the author has written in collaboration with Tobias Gohlis, plus a timeline of events from forty years of Italian politics and crime story.

Both will help to rank the four contiguous novels in a frame in the reality of non-Italians will not be familiar.

“The King of Rome,” the author wanted to trace the origins of organized crime -. Less historically considered as human: What are bring for guys who enforce from humble beginnings as a small-time criminals, tightly organized teams under their control, keep competing gangs at bay and finally have whole cities and regions under control? Where do they come from, what experiences they shape what goes on in their heads before? What makes them tick in the later stages of their development and act, then tell the other three novels.

Cataldo selects the 1970s and the scene of Rome, where he knows his way for this “study”. And he tells how a young unscrupulous adventurers with some brains in his head, aimed a lot of ambition and enormous hubris up.

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He builds useful contacts in the Mafia milieu, but also learns the world of the rich and famous know. Unfortunately, the book has not convinced me. it falls far short of the opportunities offered by its concept.



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The King of Rome by Giancarlo de Cataldo Review
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