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In prison Libano feels like home. He grew up on the street, and she was his ” una maestra che non perdona “. He has learned to prevail with bare hands and a knife. Now – in 1976 – he is 25 and sits one because of a small arms trade thing. Here comes the yard exercise his chance: He saves the young man who threatens to be beaten up by cabinet-sized fellow prisoners, out of his predicament. Bones and noses broken, angry kicks go in the abdomen, and already the boy is freed.

Libanos nose did not deceive him: he has Ciro, the grandson of the great camorrista Pasquale ‘ o Miracolo helped and how the code of honor, he may in his turn decent expect help. Don Pasquale is Libano a capable guagliu ‘, initiates him into the glorious history, the mechanisms and hierarchies of camorra system and opens him from then on doors, builds relationships.

between inevitable submission – teaching years is not fun years – and proud contempt of untimely and his lofty claim to power is not sufficient structures Libano wash carefully through, but always finds the right tone to win sympathy – submissive, but decidedly-pithy.

The approach reaches its climax when Don Pasquale makes it a simple task to test his loyalty: He should execute a traitor. Something special is to camorra -Maßstäben not because ” senza ‘o muort’ now ce sta ‘a vita “, right?

But Lebanon does not want to fidelizzato (one that the bosses in itself to bind), but is itself the pull strings ( ” mai servo di nessuno, ma solo e semper padrone di se stesso “).

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He has no use for the pseudo-ethics and dark mysticism with which adorn the Honorable and legitimize

His goal. Nothing less than ” diventare il re di Roma “. But the position is filled several times: There is il Terribile , since i marsigliesi , since especially the Camorristi from the south, the have the city under control. Raffaele Cutolo ( il Professore ) from Naples has declared war on the old families and would like a new, modern designed camorra prevail. Under these circumstances, the local criminals feel as though displaced, but neither have the stuff to do to organize the will. As Libano suggests the circle of friends, he is considered megalomaniac and leaves him alone.

From then on Lebanon has only one ambition: that amount, which towers above its means an absurd degree scrape together. He stretched his three buddies since childhood one – Dandi, il Bufalo and Scrocchiazeppi. He is indeed far ahead, but also his fall only petty crime and gambling, and even then it lacks self-control.

Then tragedy strikes. Libano, this ” macchina da guerra, … il dio della guerra stesso “(As the narrator contributes to thick, not even Libano himself believes that really …), expires Giada, an incredibly beautiful dea , Luxusgirl from stinkreichem and who like sexually active. Their middle-class friend Sandro has Libano quickly made flat and pushed to the sidelines. However it takes to la Bella e la Bestia also found outside the bedroom and drug haze circle each other. While she rants of il movimento and il collettivo and naive assumes that he must be proletarian class fighters ( ” Tu e io stiamo dalla stessa parte “) has he of all this no idea and it interested him not a whit. Since he is ashamed of his origin and his primitive living conditions, he considers himself better covered.

These are the lines where quite evolved slowly along the plot, to Libano ends up where it belongs. Overall, I found Giancarlo de Cataldos crime rather disappointing. Blurb, the opening scene and Libanos own ambitions raise high expectations that are not nearly met.

The character drawings are themselves the protagonists without depth, trivial and cliched. Of course, all the bad comes from trastevere, the nice Dandi is always finely dressed, a real guy loves big motorcycles, and for the Camorristi is the man either pecora o leone . Libano does not develop; he is not a tragic hero, but simply a loser, but compassion is never on; the reader oscillates between sympathy, antipathy and indifference

In particular, bored the dust-dry form of storytelling, which is rather a meager reports without power curve. “He went,” “seeing”, “he said,” “he recognized,” “losing.” The events follow each other, comes without momentum. From Chapter XXVIII all will be well at once: ” A Roma … ciascuno se ne andò per la sua strada .”

On the other hand, also pretty formulations de Cataldos potential find foreshadowing “. non esiste il destino, esistono solo le scelte ” – Libano sees itself as ” un fantasma fatto di rabbia e di fantasia”. Given Giadas perfection – ” ricci così neri che mandavano lampi as temporal nocturne, quando il cielo si spacca a metà fra blu scuro e ghiaccio che acceca ” – feels he ” il curioso senso di tenerezza”. And il Terribile is nothing more than ” un contadino rivestito a festa, con una … cameriera ingioiellata per signora e quattro Pecorai sudaticci per guardaspalle .”

Nice course, is the dialect in numerous dialogues ( ” Roma now è più quella de ‘na vorta “, ” quarche cosa ” omitted final syllables, ‘o “instead of” il ‘, ‘ guagliu’ “, etc.). The relevant terms of petty crime ( spaccio , retta armi ) you have collected as quickly as ” testone ” for ” milione “or” tirare una pista “for” purely draw a line of cocaine “… Some paraphrased de Cataldo equal to itself, because not every Italian will understand everything:” ‘vvote e’ all volte, bisogna dare libero sfogo all’istinto…”


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