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For my escape room the idea will be that you are taking a tour of the catacombs in Italy. You get lost from the tour group and, because the catacombs run for miles below the streets, you are stuck unless you can solve the puzzles to get out. The catacombs are cold, damp and dark and are ideal places as the theme of an escape room because they are scary with skeletons everywhere. They are dark and a person could easily get lost.

With all of the burials you could also argue that they are haunted which makes them all the scarier for an escape room.

Catacombs in Italy were used as burial chambers for the dead. In-room one of the escape rooms would be a burial chamber which has holes along the walls, called loculi, where the bodies were laid to rest. As you are walking along, you are using Google Translate on your phone to translate the Italian inscriptions of the loculi.

When you look up you realize that the tour group is gone and you are alone. You cannot go back because the tour guide has a remote to turn off the lights in each of the rooms as you exit (to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that is damaging to the frescos, or really old paintings).

You go forward and realize that there is only a stone wall ahead but is movable and has a “directional lock” with arrows. You need to look around the current room to find clues to find the combination and move the door but make sure that you remember your map of Italy! Once you figure out the combination and the stone door slowly opens, you find yourself in a large room that looks like it could be a prayer room, a crypt made of skulls or some type of large room where the Christians would go to worship without being persecuted.

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In it there are a heap of books that look like copies of each of the books of the bible. In the room is a small table with a lockbox sitting on it. There is a note that refers to parts of the bible to figure out the combination.

It’s a good thing that you have your religion book in your bookbag because Sister Ann assigned you homework! The final room would be just a simple room from the catacombs where people carved graffiti through the years. In the room, there are large metal doors with a number pad to open it. Using the graffiti on the walls and simple math you can figure out the combination. When you unlock this last door you will be surprised and delighted to see where you end up!

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