The Interesting Culture of China in Hero, a Movie by Zhang Yimou

The 2002 movie Hero was about an unnamed man, a man named Broken Sword, and his lover, snow, who fought the King of Qin’s three fighters and an unnamed being honored for his bravery, Broken Sword was killed by his lover, Snow. There were multiple parts of this man’s story that he had narrated to the king about what really happened with the fight. The movie Hero has helped me understand Chinese culture in many ways, such as their fighting styles, gender roles, and actual battle with King of Qin’s army During the movie hero, there was a lot of fighting that was involving either both men, women or women and men.

There was a scene between Snow and Sky, the apprentice of Broken SwordThey was fighting over Broken Sword’s death due to Snow being mad at Broken Sword for having an affair with Sky and Snow killed him over it Another scene is with Broken Sword fighting an assassin while both running over water.

In many Asian fighting movies,there is alot of swing action such as people doing backflips and flying through the airt. There is also a lot of exaggerated yells as they were either fighting or about to start fighting. In that period in the movie, they used swords and arrows to attack their targets. The movie depicts a man or woman’s roles in that period, the women in the movie were more emotional, followed orders, and fought against men. In one scene, sky kept on trying to impress her master and defeat the fighter, she only stopped fighting because she was told to even though she didn’t want to.

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Sky showed Xiao which means giving resources to family elder and superiors and knowing places in a family, and non ren, ren means a person being good-hearted. She showed Xiao because she was loyal to her master and obeyed him. She also showed non ren because she didn’t have any respect for snow and tried to kill her and have an affair with the master. Snow was considered to have rin and Xiao because she fought for peace and to protect Broken Sword.

The men in the movie were strong warriorsBroken Sword didn‘t really have a lot of ren because he and his lover, snow, killed hundreds of the King‘s guards and almost the KingiUnnamed had rin as well because he was buried as a hero and spared the King I learned that China wanted peace between unity. The movie also depicts the history of King Qin according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Zhao Zheng was born the son of Zhang Xiang (who later become king of the state of Qin in northwestern China while his father was held hostage in the state of Zhao” (Muller), “The last years of Shihuangdi’s life were dominated by an ever— growing distrust of his entourage-at least three assassination attempts nearly succeeded» and his increasing isolation from the common people” (Muller). From watching the 2002 movie hero, I learned a lot from the Qin Dynasty and the fight that they had to go through in order to create peace and unity Some of the elements that I learned as well were their fighting styles, gender roles and the emperor himself China is a very unique and interesting culture that shaped my understanding about their ways of life.

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