The Inclusiveness of a Discourse Community in College Life

A discourse community is a group of people who have something in common, and because of that shared aspect, have a shared type of communication. College students are part of a discourse community. They share many aspects of their life with the people around them. Most college students have just finished high school and, therefore, are in the same stage of their life. They have a shared goal of furthering their education to aspire to the career of their choosing. Although college has always been optional for everyone, it is much more widely accepted now than it was years ago.

It is a lot more common for people to choose to go to college now because of all of the opportunities they will have with a college degree. Being part of the college student discourse community includes having academic language, having a language of location, and having a good mind set and goal.

College students have a different academic language. They typically communicate a lot through writing.

While in college, professional language must be used when talking to your professors. A paper cannot be written using texting language such as “idk” and “lol.” When a student is in the college classroom, their language must be different as opposed to their language outside of the classroom. Some students choose to talk in slang outside of the classroom, but it is not normally accepted inside the classroom. College is trying to prepare students for a potential job and slang is not a professional way to obtain one.

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In a typical classroom, a wider range of vocabulary will be spoken so that the student’s vocabulary is broad and not simple. Because not all college students take the same classes, communication is often done through technology.

Professors will use sources like Blackboard to communicate announcements and grades. Often, professors will, also, use social media and technology to create interactive environments between students. They will open up discussion boards through the internet so students can discuss certain topics.

Part of going to college, goes with learning a new town or maybe just learning new parts to the same town. Each college is specific to a location so there will always be typical spots college students hang out. Language of location would be part of the college student discourse community. There are always specific landmarks or “hang out” spots that college students will refer to. A statue on campus or a specific restaurant like Starbucks would be good examples of these. Students on a college campus will use landmarks and specific places to give directions or will just meet up with a friend for a study session. All college students will go through a time where they use the landmarks to get somewhere of to find out where they are.

Having a good mindset is a major key to be a good college student. College and high school are two totally different types of school. In high school, the teachers baby the students and care about their grades. When a student gets to college, their grades are up to them. The teacher will not care if they have an A or an F because the students get the grade that they work for. Students have to be dedicated in their studies to get the grade they want. College does not come easy. Students will have to study and dedicate their time to school to be successful. In college, the main point of being there is having a goal. A student goes to college optionally, so they have a goal in mind of what they are there for. Most students go to college with a career in mind. College students pick a major when they go to college. Their major will most likely determine the career they will have for the rest of their lives. Students major in a subject that will help them pursue the career of their dreams. Without a goal and dedication, it is hard for students to take classes that will help them more with their pursuing career.

College students are in a big discourse community. They are all alike in some ways but different in others. Being part of the college student discourse community includes having academic language, having a language of location, and having a good mind set and goal. Being part of a discourse community can create many memories and could show students just how easy it is to find people with the same interests as them.

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