A discourse community can be defined as: “A group of people (can be small local or large global) characterized by common goals, values, activities, and way of speaking, clothing equipment. Not only language but all this thing listed here can make up the discourse of the community, because these things allow the group to identify as a community and communicate in a particular way together.”

According to this definition it is possible to identify many of such communities in the United States, for example, gamers community or the Asian community.

However, the one that will be analyzed in this essay is Football Fans community. This analysis is based on some observations and interviews of people who consider themselves part of this community. The analysis is also based on James Paul Gee’s parameters to analyze these type of groups described in his essay “Tools of Inquiry and Discourse”. The parameters he mentions are useful tools make this analysis effective. The first one is social language, different ways of communicating according to the context of the situation and certain objectives.

Secondly he mentions “big D” Discourse, what he says is that activities that members do, their ways of dressing or their look are all part of this general characteristic. Another one is intertextuality, something used by most communities, words or phrases related to famous movies or quotes, which everyone knows about them. Finally he talks about topics which everyone has a point of view, are informed about it, and are topic of discussion within members of the community.

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He names this ones as “big C” conversations. Football Fans community is based on people who share a passion for football and by supporting diverse teams, they are all part of a same community. It is also very large, and it is easy to recognize because members are almost every time wearing something from their team or just talking about the sport.From my point of view, it…

Discourse Community Definition

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