The Importance of Working at an Architecture Office in the Tehran

I had a good memorable experience when I was in Iran ,I had 3 architecture office in the Tehran, and I was working to the big project .That was very important in my life because I had a bIg chance to show everybody my talent In design. First, I started to the drafting and design on the project, and I made sample model in the computer. Next, I had finishing design, and I started working on the computer to show the detail.

Third. I was very tired. and I saw couldn’t work very well Then I called to my friends , and I invited him to work. He said yes, and I was happy.

Then, he came to my office and started. We was working very hard, and we had a meeting to gather .next, we spoke about the project ,and he got the good idea.flnally, we finished project very quickly,orgonized. Before that happened. I don’t liked working to the group because I had never tray to work in group.

In conclusion, I had good memorable experience in project because I understood very well about the work in group,and this was the best experince in my life.

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