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The university representatives are Dr. John Sutherlin, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. ULM has a total of fifteen sports. For men there is baseball, basketball, cross country, track and field, golf and football. The women’s sports include basketball, beach volleyball, cross country, golf , soccer, softball, track and field, tennis and volleyball. University of Louisiana Monroe conference is sunbelt. Some of the schools that ULM football plays are Southeastern, southern Mississippi, Texas A&M, Troy Georgia State, OLE Miss, Coastal California, Ragin Cajuns, South Alabama and Arkansa State.

Their football team has a 2 winning streak. The football team currently has won a total of four games and also lost a total of four games so they are currently 4-4. There football team has four more games left.

ULM athletic training room is designed for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and general physical therapy. There are several rules that ULM have about their athletic training room. One of the rules are athletes are not able to enter the room unless there is appropriate supervision.

The only people that could be in the athletic training room without supervision are the athletic training staff only. When in the room athletes are required to follow all of the rule and follow instructions that are given to them. ULM was not always in the sunbelt conference. ULM decided to join sunbelt on July 1st 2006 after the Southland Conference. Ever since ULM moved to the sunbelt they have won conference for their men’s basketball and baseball team.

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In 2001 It began to be a football only-conference then in 2006 it began to be for all sports. Being in sunbelt has made there sports have a more successful season.

ULM’s signs and symptoms of a concussion are the typical signs anybody should recognize. For example according the ULM concussion management policy some of the signs of a concussion are headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, tinnitus which is when there is ringing in the ears. Not being able to keep your balance and have an unclear vision are other signs that you may have a concussion. The protocol states that concussions are very serious and if one does not treat this injury properly it could cause even bigger problems. At ULM they are providing a program for injury awareness education and academic support for all of their athletes. ULM realizes that sports are not always the cause of a concussion it could happen even outside of a sport. This policy could also be used for athletes that suffer concussions outside of a sport. ULM has even managed to put up the Sun belt Conference Concussion Management posters inside of there locker rooms and in the student success center. All the trainers will meet up with each sport to talk to the teams about the policies.

The policy provides baseline testing for athletes. This test only has to be done once so it could be used for baseline scores and could be compared incase athlete gets a concussion. The ruler reaction test is used to see how long it takes a single person to catch a ball that is falling in the air. The whole idea is to see the reaction time and ones eye-hand quickness and how active one is. When reporting a concussion it is important that if there is anyone who thinks that an athlete has an concussion or realizes that an athlete is suffers any of the signs or symptoms that were stated in the protocol are strongly recommended to report it to any member of the ULM sports medicine staff.

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