The Importance of Our Home

To me, home is the place where you feel like you’re always welcome, where you feel like you’ll never be left out or feel unloved. Home is the one place where you should feel like you have some value, not overly, but enough. You should feel like you’re accepted for who you are and not for what you have. To me, it is deeply important that I have a place to call home. I believe that without a place to call home, no one would understand why they are the way they are or how they’ve come to where they are now, It is also important because it is a place where you can feel safe and where no one will question yourjudgement.

I believe that everyone should feel loved and if that‘s true, then home is deeply important because love is a big part of a home. I believe that home is where the heart is If you don’t feel like you’d do anything for your home/family then you don’t deserve it.

For a place to be your home, you should feel protective of it and want to put it before yourself. You should feel safe and open to learning new things there and want to expand your creativity. Never should you turn down an opportunity to be creative in this place because you should feel open to do anything Friends are majorly important in building a home. For a place to be called home, you need friends and your friends must be genuine If you don‘t have genuine friends, you have nothing, People ask me, “Well, what does genuine mean to you?” and I reply, “To me genuine is someone who never hides anything from you, never lies to you and is always open to learning new things with you,” If someone claims that they are your friend yet they don’t support you in all that you do, they are not your friend and this is not healthy for the home.

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In that fact, it is also important to choose the right person to stand by you, not someone who is always negative and wanting to bother you with their problems.

Family is also a large factor in building a home, I believe that without the support of a family, you can’t go anywhere in life, whether it be to ajob or to college. There are also downfalls to having a family in the home though, such as negative comments or sarcastic banter between two family members. It’s not a healthy atmosphere at that point, yet there is also a good side to a family, I believe that the good side of having a family is not only the support that you may get, but also the willingness to lend a hand in times of trouble. I believe that in the case of Lennie and George that was particularly evident with George choosing to watch out for Lennie, I believe that home for George and Lennie is wherever they go as long as they’re togethert I don‘t believe that they’ll ever be homeless as long as they’re together because they truly look out for one another.

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