The Hummer Sisters of Beverly Jensen Review

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It has been yet so hardly leads to life, and blame for all misfortune is Father Bill. Irresponsible to bear witness to a fourth child. When his wife Emeline after baby Emma’s birth dies is for Dalton (12), Idella (8) and Avis (6) childhood abruptly ended. We are at the Chaleur Bay in New Brunswick, Canada, and it is 1916.

Idella, the Great in the house must accept any dirty work and take care of their little sister Avis. Emma is given to relatives.

Father Bill seeks honest, to keep the family as field workers, hunters and lobster seller afloat. But when he drowned his self-reproach in whiskey and mourns the best of all women, he becomes unpredictable for his children. Idella bears all stoically, but suffers mentally. Avis, father’s favorite, his “cream cakes” says access in their own way, exchanged mutual heat with him. The silent Dalton’s father preferred to avoid, withdraws into the barn or on his boat to sail alone at sea and have lobster traps into the water.

Compared room and board has Bill already several French-speaking girl is engaged. But wants to make you happy with the minor Maddie, the Bill in Mother’s dress and her perfume, he finally finished his attempt to bring normality to everyday life. He sends the girls to mother’s sister and stays with Dalton alone.

Now Idella and Avis may attend school. Idella is particularly ambitious, skips a class, creating a high school diploma. But her little happiness is short-lived.

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Father Bill is injured in a hunting accident, is with a stiff leg in bed and needs care. This time must Avis ran because Idella does not find it anymore. She packs her suitcase, mounts the postal car and drives to Boston in the United States.

Beverly Jensen’s novel “The Hummer Sisters” is the flat-chested, drought Idella the man for life in Eddie Jensen, with whom she gets four daughters. in her grocery store Idella toils hard while Eddie, a good car salesman, during his trials like to enjoy some tryst.

So both sisters wearing their individual Päcklein. their paths cross again and again. the fact that they have each other, their true happiness. Some secret is they have not yet notified to the other, and Idella would also not know everything … Almost they would have father Bill can not bury. Avis and Dalton had the coffin will be transferred had forgotten at a railway station. After all, he is left in the grave next to mother. it is enough to whiskey, drinking on the “old bastard” and it puts a bottle to Feet, for a drink in trouble.

The author Beverly Jensen died at 49 years. After her death, her family has the records – including already published short stories – summarized and brought into the present novel form. Thus, the composition does have literary weaknesses, but one can also see safely away. Because their characters you can feel the bonds of the author skin and incredibly lifelike. Although often shaken by fate, they stick to their life motto, as reflected in the individual episodes: persevere, keep going. No one gets paid something. Since Idella has to find a man she loves lucky. For this, the all-you-in-law is a supplied, monitored, is simply intolerable. Really strength and psychological skills proves Idella when she is attacked in her general store about a young man with gun.

It’s the little things in which the author is great, in which she describes the atmosphere urgently. How pathetic is Avis’ and Idellas childhood. Toy? In cigar boxes they collect their little treasures: shells, rocks, buttons. Even Maddie suppressed at night a little dirty something to her chest: a doll made of burlap, without eyes, mouth embroidered woolen thread and sewn button for a nose. Wonderful, emotional conversation – free of any kitsch.

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