Dodgers by Bill Beverly Review

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The fifteen years of Easton, called “East”, the son of an alcoholic mother in squalid conditions, “had never been a child.” But he has already seen accidents, murders, police raids, cruel suicides. He is silent, reliable and unobtrusive, sleeping in a cellar at an unknown location. For two years he has responsibilities as watchdogs for his uncle Fin, clan chief and operator of several crack houses where drug addicts night and day in and out to get their dose of substance to pick.

With a couple of his subordinate ghetto guys just ten years old, East supervised one of them, “The Boxes” warns including its surroundings in twelve-hour shifts and about early on when cops approach the district.

Whatever one chubby dark-year-olds in a clean white shirt in this certainly from God deserted area devious? When she appears before the crack house, suspects East that it is a foreign body from another, completely unfamiliar world, and gives her to understand that they had better disappear.

But they can not say anything, talks of her school and the upcoming wedding of an aunt. Then a police raid breaks loose, and one of many balls life extinguished by chance that child out.

East is shaken. He has to wonder what went wrong on his side that the alarm failed to before the attack the cops. Has one slept in the well-organized chain? He himself, fascinated by the alien beings, ignored a signal? The event will release him again.

Even his boss over he has failed and must be justified.

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For Fin of incident is extremely unpleasant. Girl’s death will trigger thorough investigations where but have set all “under constant stress” even the police arrests of late. Soon threatened by a process – “Some judges wanted to go to war” – and thus the prospects for the boys-speed are as bad as for the boss

In this predicament speaks Fin with East about a secret project. , Details and background he indicated only vaguely, because what counts is the task he would entrust his favorite protege, and their conditions: “I know that you can do that … a car … in the end … something you … yes or no … tomorrow morning … no wallet. no weapon … no credit card … a few other guys a little older, more experienced, also come with … your brother will be there … five hundred dollars … some of it is for your mother. ” The boys will go to Wisconsin and the judge who forced the trial of Fin and the other suspects, shoot.

East suspects that a dangerous mission is imposed on him, which could even cost his life, taking the but loyal to order. He grabs some clothes together, puts his mother a wad of cash to and breaks in a rickety old van with three equally inexperienced greenhorns: his half-brother Ty is two years younger but already a real psychopath who overweight cybercriminals Walter, 17, suffers from shortness of breath, and golden boy Michael Wilson, with twenty of the elders and their leader, thinks he’s a genius, because he has studied one semester at UCLA.

As the first action of its 2,300-mile Tour de -force buy the teenage hitmen new clothes with the insignia of the baseball team LA Dodgers. Are they indeed distasteful ( “Dodgers are fags”), but dressed as Dodgers fans they hope for good will in the world of whites, now travel to them. apart from this externality they go completely off guard and worst under most conditions going on.

Bill Beverly received for his debut novel “Dodgers” ” Dodgers < "Bill Beverly: "Dodgers" at"

now looks East who knows nothing but his district and not dominated as dealing with junkies, the wide world of America, mountains, scrubland, desert canyon, Las Vegas, the glittering city of sin, and all this is alien to him. “Although he saw the depth of the valley, felt the real wind … He was not convinced that it was really … he felt something over the abyss, all the time that was deposited there … forever. More time than he hundred life like his would have. “<

Soon the rigors of travel and the naivety of killer children take their toll. Permanent fuel stops, monotonous fast food, too little sleep, too much cold and snow, the eternal search for telephone booths in order ( “speak I want with Abraham Lincoln”) via coded message new information to request again in trouble with the police, stress when buying weapons and different needs wear down the guys. However, already in Las Vegas to separate the younger Michael and East strives to hold the remaining troops by recalling the shared commitment.

Meanwhile, the situation escalates to home in Los Angeles. The police arrested the chief and his people, smashes the “organization”. What should become of Fins order? East the agreement applies to him still, so he wants to run the command successfully. After Ty has done the job, the three remaining lad on the run, and the stress grows into uncontrollable. On the top of a provocation East shoots rather accidentally than intended his brother. Walt, he reflected for a while through, sometimes accompanied by a slightly crazed Black ( “Together we can rob a few other people.”). But a viable perspective is not that.

At the end of East alone. Loaded with his heavy to be borne guilt and without confidence that it did not give a place in this world for him, he fled on foot in an uncertain future.

With a surprise blockbuster closes the novel about Easts travel, can but open, as it will continue with the protagonist. At the end of the tunnel is quite light to detect, because East, his milieu despite a moral and conscientious young man, has become now grown up and feel for the first time in his life that he autonomously in his actions and his own responsibility.

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