The Hood Gavin Knight Review

“Britain Gomorrah” – so commented The Independent the elusive criminal states in Manchester, London and Glasgow, the author Gavin Knight in the three short stories of his book “The Hood” describes. After intensive research work that brought him together with dedicated police officers, social workers, surgeons, gang members, drug addicts and other insiders, he brings us a shocking, disillusioning picture in mind. The stories are true and representative, the treatment, the human side behind a social problem into focus. His writing style is – worthy of the subject – of a report; he chooses throughout the present tense, short declarative sentences, atmospheric descriptions.

No matter what the focus of the author chooses, he encounters children who are deprived of just eight of their childhood experience violence in their families, at first fight before they pass on the violence itself. armed with knives or machetes, they rush into the hopeless task to defeat the alleged protector of the family, their violent fathers. With the same hardness they want to (well, neighborhood of neighborhood ) claim in their Hood against other kids.

These struggles are ice cold and relentlessly fought – pricking the enemy aware off, jumping on his head, his face disfigured. So to win prestige, backing gets in the transition.

Such children is totally alien to what we consider normal living conditions. A family, solid housing and food, regular school visits, an honest friends. (Which are over ten years old) from the Youngers and olders (20) they quickly get an education to small-time dealers and will soon depend – financially debts to their suppliers and physically-psychologically by the drugs.

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Thus, they are trapped in a vicious cycle of increasing violence, crime, crash, opportunities and hopelessness.

That one with ten years already received from all dreaded “General” may be, the author describes in his second story , “London”. Many migrant ethnic minorities live with still unexplained asylum in London outback , such as Southall. Among them is troll. Eight years old when he was in his home a child soldier, fought and killed with machine gun for the Somalis. Then he fled with his mother to London. Here he can not fit into the school will soon be referred to, because he can no longer be toliert as violent troublemakers. His mother he lies, runs away from home. His path is predetermined. He knows the methods how to make other docile, he recruited kids and mixed with them the drug trade, where he won a dominant role. Police have set someone on him, but so far he is still at large.

In Glasgow operates a motivated police officer, Karyn McCluskey. She is convinced that the statistics that already identifies Europe’s highest murder rate for their city, has no realistic predictive value. Because most crimes are not even appear out of fear. Where 170 known gangs with more than 3,000 members aged between 11 and 23 years on the loose, must be done something. Thus McCluskey has been dealing with the project of a colleague working in Boston, which was the murder rate by 30% lower within a period of three years. In Face-to-face call-ins detained juvenile gang members affected mothers, police officers, clergy, Exhäftlingen were compared and confronted with concrete questions that lead them the dubious nature of their “values” in mind and at the same interest and signal the sale of the company. This concept, which is more than a drop in the bucket, McCluskey now wants to transfer to Glasgow. But this is not easy because the colleagues are skeptical; Scotland finally everything was different.

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