I Agree With A Violent Child Hood

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Gerard Jones states how violent marvel comics around “the Hulk” helped him through life. I was child raised in a nonviolent house hold, but as soon as I got my hands on I violent video game I felt like I was set free. To this day since then I haven’t committed an act of violence in any way nor will I. although many may say violence is never the answer, violent video games and comics is a way for kids to express themselves, stimulate their brain to where they may want to write comics or be a video game creator, or even get them out of a hard and traitorous life situation.

Parents now a days think they know what is best for their kids. Gerard jones states “At 13 I was afraid and alone. Taught by my well … I suffocated my deepest fears and desires under a nice boy persona,”(Jones) meaning he couldn’t be a kid and grow up the way he wanted to.

Once his mother was basically tricked by a college student to let him read marvel comics starting with “the Hulk” he felt free he had found his first violent outlet.

Video games and comics give us a chance to be free and someone we aren’t in real life because we are too scared to be judged upon that act. A violent video game could give some who has so much anger built up to lash out and not hurt anyone. People are always saying how if we watch and listens to violent things he will grow up to be violent, because that’s what he knows due to his surroundings.

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Gerard also states in his writing,” its helped hundreds of people for everyone it has hurt”, saying there is way more positive outcomes then there are negative. Kids these days are easily manipulated and don’t believe or trust in themselves because parents are taking things they need to now and learn from a little bit of violence in their lives. Secondly, there’s the part where is could be a big help and stimulate the brain causing more development. This could lead then to multiple careers whether it be comics or video game creator to be a murder mystery published author. But this won’t happen unless they are exposed to violent games, movies, book, or comics. Kids these days don’t want to read a book or comics they want to be on the phone or play video games.

Which these days isn’t a bad thing since colleges don’t just help the athletic type with free school they; they help the kids that don’t have the athletic qualities like others by giving them a shot at a gaming scholarship. There’s a U.S. article that states “Players for these digital teams, similar to other college athletics, are entices with scholarships and tuition waivers. there’s about $7 million dollars e-sports scholarships,” (Powell). Lastly, they violent games and comics even music could get them out of a rough life situation. Throughout his article he talks about how it helped him, his son, an older girl he worked with, and others. He also states “I talked to kids who read my stories … people pulling themselves out of emotional traps by immersing themselves in violent stories.” There was also the part with the older girl he worked with that listened to Ice T, all the anger and rage that came out of the lyrics she was able submerge herself. Through the music she found an avenue to get out her troubling life of drugs. he also states “she flowered in college as a writer and political activist,”(Jones) showing that even if you grow up listening to music with derogative language you can still succeed.

Then there’s is his son who in visions being a dinosaur, Tarzan, or Power ranger. He talks about how his son turns in to a blood thirty dinosaur to start preschool and as a power ranger when he was in kindergarten to show social dominance. The one I like the most is when he states,” I read him old Tarzan comics, rich in combat and bright flashing knives. For two weeks he lived in them and then he set them aside and climbed the tree.”(Jones) He did this because his son was having trouble at school because kids at school where climbing a tree and he was scared. Due to his dad showing him the Tarzan comics he lost the fear of climbing and did it and concord a fear. Would this have happened without the violent comic of Tarzan that his dad showed him; probably not. Violent comics and games shouldn’t always be seen as a negative aspect to a child’s life it gives them many outs from freedom to express themselves, good brain growth, and get them out of a hard life situation. I grew up in a non-violent house hold and had some hard challenges in life that I think could have been easier if I had a video game or comic to turn to for help.

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