US Involvement in Middle East History

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The history behind the American involvement in the Middle East in the years since the height of the Cold War is a case of innumerable contentious issues about the American military’s role in the destabilization of the international relationships and internal policies as factors of disturbing Soviet relationships in the Middle East while creating power vacuums in the wake of the American presence. The rise of the oil-producing states in the Middle East was furthermore a factor in why American forces sought to prioritize our national interests over those of the formerly colonized lands of the Middle East.

Out of Many details how the American involvement in these cases helped to destabilize these countries so that American policies could reap short-term benefits and competitive oil prices without the creation of a long-term plan for how to restabilize these states (Faragher, 1108-1111).

The lack of internal stability in the Middle East ultimately served to provide a fertile breeding ground for extremist ideologies and fundamentalist Islamism in the power vacuums that existed.

The Secret History of Isis explains how the American involvement in these spaces was a catalyst for the development of militant Islamism and anti-American sentiments throughout the Middle East (Kirk et al.). The American government’s lack of plans for the development of stable democracies in the Middle East set the stage for such a threat to safety, and  the current refugee crisis, to come into being, which demonstrates the consequences of short-sighted international policies in the American context.


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