The History of the Middle East's Hatred of the West

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The Middle East has been of vital interest to many Western nations for centuries. It only had extreme importance after the first World War when France and Britain carved the region to their liking to secure its resources. The West wants to control the Middle East simply for economic purposes. It is rich in resources, especially oil. Why do we care so much about oil in the Middle East? If oil from the Middle East stopped being exported a near apocalypse would rise.

Imagine if America couldn’t drive cars if manufacturing stopped and if many other goods made with oil ceased to exist. The U.S would collapse. And who may want America and the rest of the Western nations to collapse? Russia, and North Korea as well as many of the countries in the Middle East like Iraq and Iran to name a few. And what better way to do it than to stop all of the money the U.

S gets from the Middle East?

The root of the Middle East’s hatred of the rest started toward the end of World War I with the Sykes-Picot Agreement. The UK and France had promised nations under the Ottoman Empire that they would get independence if they helped them fight the Ottomans. The UK and France did not keep their promise, and instead mandated the new nations that they had formed from the Ottomans without caring about the diversity of the regions. The second core problem in the Middle East was the formation of Israel after the Balfour Declaration.

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Israel was formed on top of Palestine, which is essentially like Canada making the U.S part of their country. The Palestinians, angered by the new nation, left Israel and began moving throughout the neighboring countries, which is like Mexican immigrants coming into the U.S illegally. Many decades later this would lead to the 6-Day War and the Yom Kippur War when Israel’s Pan-Arab neighbors attempted to conquer Israel to help achieve a Pan-Arab state.

Today much of the Middle East still hates the West for its meddling in its affairs. From the U.S installing their own Shah in Iran. Who then attempted to Westernize the country, but failed and ended up crippling it even more; then supporting both Iran and Iraq in their war in an attempt to cripple both of them. And later used George Bush’s declaration of war on terrorism as an excuse to send our military into the Middle East to “fight terrorists.” And why are we still there? For the liquid gold known as oil, and the attempt to conform the Middle East to our Western ways. But more importantly, to stop a Pan-Arab nation from forming. The Ottoman Empire was a country feared by the entire world before, another Ottoman Empire, especially one that wants revenge on the West, would draw us into a more bloody war that the ones we currently have in the Middle East.

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