Understanding the Concept of Emiratization in the Middle East

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Even though the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is mostly described as a modern country, all the indigenes follow prescriptions provided in the Quran in all spheres of their lives and their jurisdiction as well. It is known, that every Muslim has to give away to the Muslim Uma a certain part of their income every month, aka paying zakat. At the same time, if you find yourself in a financial crisis, you could ask for financial help from Uma funds.

Moreover, all the indigenes receive financial support from the government monthly.

As a result, most indigenes choose not to work or have a business. Although it doesn’t influence the economic performance of the country too much, because they represent only 10% of all the citizens, it results in some consequences for the cultural and economic development of the UAE. Thus, the government decided to implement a program of Emiratization in 2009.

Emiratization is an initiative by the government of the United Arab Emirates aimed at increasing the level of employment in the private and public sectors.

Talking about the Emiratization process we should start by outlining the main characteristics of its performance and reasons for starting it in Asia in general. We could notice, that the Asian countries are mostly economically poor. One of the richest countries in Asia is Qatar and Uthe united Arab Emirates. Attracted by the high salary, taborers from all over the world come to the UAE, searching for employment. In most cases the,y are employed to perform “dirty” work, while the indigenes prefer not to work for such a small salary, while they could receive a higher payment from the government.

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The next point to stop on when we are talking about the widest frames of Emiratization the historical relations between the UAE and Great Britain, as well as other European countries. One of the main aims of Emiratization is to provide an education of a good quality that would help the emiratis to find a suitable paid job in thjobsAE, hence will result in the inner economic performance of the country. Thus, we could state, that on the global and Asian level Emiratization consists of two main issues: providing an education of good quality – as a positive aspect, and decreasing the number of working places by employing foreigners – as a negative aspect the Emiratization.

Moving forward, we should tighten the Emiratizationea of our research to the Middle East. Most countries in the Middle East practice Islam as the official religion of a country. It was already mentioned, that almost all the emiratis are Muslims and it also threatens the economy of the UAE and the Emiratization. The rich of the United Arab Emirates (mostly Sheikhs) pay zakat to the poor, are involved in charity, and y fines for the prisoners and to the other countries as well. As a result, it all leads to the bad economic performance of the country and unwillingness to work while the poor could receive financial help. The positive aspect of implementing the Emiratization of this level stays the same: education.

To conclude, let’s have a close look at the Emiratization process in the United Arab Emirates itself. As of now, the citizens represent only 0.34% of the private-sector workforce.

Most of them are employed in the private sector and as a result, we have a lack of working places. Still, even if we had the needed number of working places for the job seekers, we would have faced unwillingness to work from the side of many indigenes because of the unemployment insurance, middle-class apartments provided by the government for free, etc.

Still, the economics of the country doesn’t allow to provide all the indigenes with all those benefits of being an Emirati. For example, let’s underline the ques for getting those free apartments caused by the lack of finances allocated for this. As a result, the government of the United Arab Emirates decided to push the next initiatives in frames of the Emiratization: providing a free high school education for every single indigene; language courses; foundations for education; career expos; scholarships; Human Resources Authorities program; increasing the number of online and offline centers that provide the information on getting a job, etc.


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