Lorenzo Marone Review

Cesare Annunziata is seventy-seven and complicated: on the one hand a cynical old Grantl with ossified habits and views, on the other hand, the fact eager to roll up his life. Most of his precious life Cesare with compromises “wasted”.. He hated his livelihood as a bookkeeper. His great love for Caterina survived after marriage only for a short while. His duty emotions as a husband and a responsible father were not enough to entertain loving relationships, but also did not allow him to slip away.

He was never able to hug someone warm, not even to push his two children without reservations to his heart. Even with the occasional extramarital escapades he felt no heat or even love.

So Cesare beat as the dominant Egoist through life and has become a tough cookie. But at heart he longed for more. When Caterina passed away five years ago, he decided to “finally begin with, to enjoy life to the fullest”. He feels fit enough to “wring all the life,” and he has no inhibitions, where you but gives the old man a kind of fool’s license.

A crutch, a dose of optimism and all sorts of philosophical reflections ( “Who complains about the age, is crazy.”) Encourage him.

While his peers in the house ( “Damn Old Pack”) in their armchairs rot, Cesare will still experience adventure, be a little crazy. For this he slips with a mischievous pleasure in other identities. If he claims to be a Carabiniere or customs investigators in use, the taxi driver liked to adopt him the travel expenses.

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And initiate to personal closeness, he is treading now new ways of prostitutes Rossana: He invites her to dinner

But the unrelenting reality ( “years that you carry around, loads such millstones on one.” ) makes Cesare new way bumpy and arduous. Since a heart attack he can not smoke more and to let the alcohol. Rather than give him good night sleep, his body let him rotate in bed, chase him the thoughts until he finally stands up. “Self-control and patience” can be consumed for some time now. Any waiting, whether at the bus stop or on a nice date, it is repugnant. He renounced even the Neapolitan preference that Mitwartenden in post office, bank and supermarket to eavesdrop, then further transport to the thus imbibed provide the same information as gossip.

Can a hardened over decades character as he did to change? stay away from matters that concern him nothing he creates in spite of good will nor “to ignore family problems” like. In particular, daughter Sveva (successful lawyer) has to suffer, because what ever they chose for themselves, holding her father wrong: their study and career choices, their lifestyles, their spouse. With son Dante (successful gallery owner), the father did not easier. That something is not quite normal with him, he had felt for a long time, but it could not be spoken in the family circle, as long as Caterina was still alive. It was only during a subsequent altercation with Sveva learns Cesare that all Caterina included, had long been known that Dante’s gay.

Insights like these, surprising episodes and painful insights crack Cesare hard shell piece by piece on , is threatened when his pretty young neighbor one night by her brutal partner, the old man grows almost beyond itself, dares brave dazwischenzutreten ( “When it comes time to die, then at least as long as I’m still alive.”). But his commitment will be in vain. The woman wants, from whatever reason, do not break with her violent husband. Cesare has to accept that one “no one save [can] who does not want” and that he might only be “an old vertrottelter romantics”.

The Italian author Lorenzo Marone, born in 1974 in Naples, theme in his novel ” La tentazione di essere felici < ” Lorenzo Marone: “La tentazione di essere felici” at “< p> The book ranked first small entertaining episodes together. With sensitivity observed Lorenzo Marone, as pragmatists Cesare lurches admirably through the day. What Dante buys for him – soy burgers, “everything healthy and organic and so” short “the devil” – he gives rather continue to migrate as his eating habits for health reasons. To everything and everyone he has a wisdom on the lips ( “Sometimes knock the dreams on your door, but only if you did take the trouble to invite them. Otherwise you can be sure that you spend the evening alone.”).

Later Cesare comes with the social problem of violence against women in contact, whereby the Roman topicality wins and different touches than at the beginning. On the way to his new life Cesare draws the right conclusions, learns a certain extent this: to love yourself, to fight for the happiness, cherish life. Without cheesy, flat or act trite, the delicate end of the plot adds just like the endless list of small and large, important and unimportant things that make life worth living well into positive-provoking concept.

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Lorenzo Marone Review
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