The Enemy Shaded By Henning Mankell Review

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Kurt Wallander has just become a grandfather. Linda gave birth to a baby and is in a relationship with Hans von Enke. His father Hakan Enke, retired former submarine commander, they loaded on his 75th birthday. Kurt Wallander he leads a stimulating conversation in which he told him about a commitment of the highest political and military explosive: In the fall of 1982, the Warsaw Pact Polish and Russian submarines in Swedish waters penetrated during maneuvers; a Russian ventured even into Swedish military area.

The defense planned to force the intruder with depth charges to the surface. But then Hakan got nothing to do and let the submarine again the command. Why? That was clear for Hakan treason. His own years of research, he says, now a possible explanation … approached Three months later disappears Hakan of sink without a trace. The security police of Stockholm is responsible for the case. You will find no body and can make no sense to Enke’s disappearance.

Wallander, who just starts his vacation, come on. He has an obligation to his daughter and Hans, her future husband, opposite. Everyone’s geachtetete family of sink well located in the upper middle class, keep a secret for forty years. At that time Hakans wife Louise gave birth to a severely handicapped daughter, who was considered hidden from the world in a home. There Wallander makes a visit and discovered between the children’s books of the subsidiary a portfolio with records of Hakan Enke.

Hakan had a high military leadership held.

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Since 1980, he was sitting at the levers of power. What orders he received from the very top, which he gave himself? As a security clearance, he was an interesting sacrifice for the spy of the KGB, but also the CIA. In Hakans hunting lodge Wallander finds a steel cylinder of almost a meter in length – German teacher and companion of the Swedish water jumpers to London and Berlin – – a device full of complicated communication technology.

Later Louise von Enke is found dead. In a secret compartment of her purse to find Russian documents and microfilm. For a long time it was rumored in the Swedish circles exaggerating a female spy mischief. Louise has something to do with it?

Wallander must continue. He travels to Copenhagen to Berlin and on deserted islands where he meets friends and close associates of Enke. He, the policy so far had not overly interested in the Cold War, must now deal with the era. That was the time of the upgrade, mutual nuclear threat of the great powers, the Berlin Wall was built; in Sweden Olof Palme was murdered. Although a neutral state, was flown over the country by American fighter jets. How everything is connected.

For Wallander solves the case though, but the Stockholm police will have his records anonymous until a much later date – if at all. That remain open at the end of many questions, gives the novel a special touch. Perfectionism in the investigation of the criminal case he can not offer.

Henning Mankell’s last case with detective inspector Kurt Wallander is it masterfully succeeded. His language is sophisticated yet pointedly. The tension is rising continuously. Fictional and historical and political courses of action are compelling interwoven and create surprising insights and relationships. In the end, the reader agrees: Yes, it might actually have been.

Mankell’s protagonists are all interesting personalities, differentiated and human. Ofcourse Kurt Wallander in the center; from the outset we live at his side, felt that he of life is on the way to the final stage, that fear is growing in front of aging. With its sugar disease he can hardly get around; sudden memory lapses, he pushes aside; Doctor visits he avoids. He does not need diagnosis because his hunches scare him enough. But Henning Mankell gives him a few more years before he finally plunges into the realm of darkness.

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