"Murderer Anders And His Friends In Addition To The One Or The Other Enemy" Be Jonas Jonasson

Quite innocently, as we know of it, tells stories Master Jonas Jonasson drauflos in his third title long novel. The plot is absurd as ever, but the environment is precarious, the actions are less harmless. Johan Anders and his friends is trying out murder, carnage, fraud and theft, to booze, explosions and a fire to God the Father and Son to death and hell to heaven and hell. But always amusing in tone. In his thanksgiving Jonasson has again explicitly point out that you can not let take seriously the whole bare.

And anyway even themselves and not life, but be nice to each other much more often laugh and cry. Somehow the author can therefore nothing of what his characters do everything. It happens just the way, and in common with the real life nothing.

Let’s try with a look at the facts. Johan Anders has already retired from his career in the cradle. Both parents alcoholics, the father violent, a terrible childhood.

At twelve, the boy decides to continue the family tradition desolate. Alcohol and pills give color to his life, chemical clubs let it grow beyond itself. This is true but only in respect of violence; the performance of his brain decreases sustainable. No wonder he can represent the exact circumstances of his actions in court anymore. But it was all “no intention”- to submit to the ax of a dealer in the back, shot in the face of a new would-be top dog, the cut throat by a guy who had the audacity Johan bad mood.

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With twenty Johan Anders sits one for the first time.

A few years later, the man is once again in freedom, and not without good intentions. Looking for a place he remembers dull to experience a particular kind in the establishment “Club Amore”. But even the former love nest has been purified for the better and is now known as the (third-class) “Pension Sjöudden”. There Johan learns the deeply frustrated receptionist Per Persson know that his miserable relatives cheated out of millions heritage, and opened it in return trusting his own Vita ( “sag quiet killer Anders to me”).

After a few quiet months, “would without killer Anders murdered the receptionist or otherwise any person in close proximity,” comes with the arrival of the third member life to the place. Johanna Kjellander fell into the deepest abyss. Her hated father had forced her to take over the inherited in their family for generations from father to son post as parish priest, but she was a poor substitute. Instead of God’s Word, the wicked finally sounded, all their anger on the cancer-stricken father from the pulpit ( “words of welcome to hell”) until the measure full and active infidels was their difficult job and regular income going on. Now the quite enterprising Hungerleiderin strikes in the park through life romantically involved with Per Persson.

With a not entirely new, but for obvious business idea, the trio includes infernal together to defaulters to make steam and Stockholm’s underworld to strike fear. Your “firm of personal injury industry” receives orders for all kinds of violence between brawl and murder. Part of the proceeds goes to Robin Hood kind to the needy, the rest they put on their high edge.

But unfortunately affects Killer Anders, the executive body, soon a deep identity crisis. The standard version of its activity – leg and arm fracture – does not satisfy him. It also finds it terribly difficult to distinguish “right and left” reliable. The funds raised not interest him. How easy it could end his anguish when his proven a lifeline, a bottle of alcohol, grips again, “slain next Vollpfosten” the dignity and his continued existence in an orderly fashion, that is: should spend in prison in the style of a murder ballad of good and scary evil Jonas Jonasson carries us into mere manageable short appetizers (a total of 72 chapters) before why a jukebox killer Anders saves lives and pulls him out of his mental hole as the heretical ex-preacher Johanna explained to him how the “everything goes with God and Jesus and the Bible and so” as he transformed into an outrageous Messiah and a new business takes shape: the “other church”. In the “Measure” generous people full of love, faith and hope are filled with complimentary wine, to convey their Spendierfreudigkeit, and find unexpected inflow.

However, banks of the morals of too much. After chaotic quarrels and beatings of the local council orders the closing of the “church.” Fortunately, the regulatory power does not recognize links between the “other church” and an explosion in the forest, had been divided in two recent criminal elements into their component parts.

The trio go to the business ideas as soon not. For her third company “Santa Claus” Killer Anders tingelt costumes accordingly through the country, distributed Imp gifts, proclaimed to his good news ( “The Right Santa Claus spreading joy throughout the year”), and is for geliked vigorously at Facebook. may matter most, of course, as you can imagine, all payment types that are listed at the bottom of the post, so that everyone who wants to open his heart to do what it should. And when the three anarchists are not dead, they do not still live and are happy, rich and bold screaming a number of plot elements of satire? the author builds not significantly to ancient literary tricks and traditions? The laconic style, the simple good and evil schemes, the irrefutable laws that control the action that clownish way in which the three protagonists play their absurd havoc in a dreary reality, all this exposes Jonas Jonasson alleged naivete (even when he had denied any deeper meaning) only as another trick.

But even if” hundred Years “and” illiterate Mördar-Anders och hans vänner (including en och annan ovän) “(Wibke Kuhn has to translated German) is more than reasonable free fantasizing naked for the purpose entertaining, Opus not reached three of the Swedish writers’ surprise, the freshness of its predecessor. Too dummdödelig are the three protagonists to limp ( “had Santa Claus does not all reindeer in the barn”) many jokes and puns to lukewarm the tension. At the risk of softening the genre discussion unfair: Ronja robber daughter of the robber Hotzenplotz scores with those blooming imagination and with greater momentum, with more human warmth and Captain Blue Bear with bissigerem satire joke. The catapult-like ascent to the top of the Spiegel bestseller list was predictable; whether “murderer Anders” there can claim as long as the two precursors to be seen.

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"Murderer Anders And His Friends In Addition To The One Or The Other Enemy" Be Jonas Jonasson
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